Hello Blank Noise!
BN Action Heroes across the country are meeting this Sunday, Dec 13th!

We hope that this meet sparks off a series of events and actions from Jan 2010. You can make it happen and be an Action Hero.

We hope to see you there in true Action Hero spirit.

To attend a meet, email us at blurtblanknoise at gmail dot com with your phone number and city name. You can also share it on the facebook events wall if you see your city/ town/ place listed. Don't forget to bring along an interested friend, colleague, family member, neighbour if street sexual violence/ 'eve teasing' is every person's issue- every body is welcome.

List of cities and venues for the next BN meet up

Bangalore: Ulsoor Lake Cafe 11 am

Bhopal: Cafe Coffee Day, Maliviya Nagar near New Market 6 pm

Bombay: Prithvi Cafe 3 pm

Dehradun: Cafe Coffee Day, Rajpur Road 3 pm

Delh: Central Park. Connaught Place. 3 pm

Calcutta: . Dakhinapan 3 pm.

Chennai: Gandhi Mandapam 11 am

Guwahati: Brown Bean Cafe. Uzan Bazar 11 am

Hyderabad: Lawns by Eat Street 3 pm

Jaipur: Cafe Coffee Day, Gaurav Towers, Malviya Nar 2 30 pm

Lucknow : India Coffee House. Hazrat Ganj 3 pm

Pune: NCC Canteen. Senapati Bapat Road 4 pm

Allahabad location and time yet to be confirmed

Cochin location and time yet to be confirmed

Chandigarh location and time yet to be confirmed

Jalandar location and time yet to be confirmed.

If you would like to have a BN meet in your city, get in touch with us asap.
e: blurtblanknoise at gmail.com

twitter : http://twitter.com/blank_noise

facebook: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=204917024696

Stay tuned. More details to follow!
Yours truly
BN Team

Action Heroes List below:
(email us with your city name and contact details and we will add your name to the list below)

Chennai Action Heroes:

Katheeja Talha, John Kingsley, Ruhi, Prithi, Vandana Mohanraj, Vivek Rao, Radhika , Sathya, S Vivekanand +

Bombay Action Heroes :
Trushant, Amit, Rizwan,Mohnish,
Mithila Vaidya, Nainy Sahani, Mohnish Moorjani, Shohini Sen, Manu, Annie, Sharmistha, Dharam Dhutia , Koel, +

Delhi Action Heroes:

Megha Bhatia, Chandrashekhar Bhattacharya, Abhishek Baxi, Bedatri , Purba Sarkar, Sonia Singhal , Inla Imti, Prabhleen Tuteja , Varsha, Ridhima, +

Dehradun Action Heroes:
Aviral Singhal, Aakar, Priyam Bhargava, Amit Das , Dhruv , Prabal, Hema, Rizwan, Satendra,
Saahil, Samiksha+

Hyderabad Action Heroes:

Sunayana Sitaram, Nandini, Ramya (+ friends), Nandini Raja, Samir Gandhi +

Bangalore Action Heroes:
Mayur, Naksha, Vibha, Nina, Itisha Apurva Mathad , Meghna Rajamane, Shalini Nair, Manasa +

Calcutta Action Heroes:
Saptarshi, Mandy +, Sunayana Roy, Bhablet, Parmeet, Rupam, Kamal, Pavan +

Lucknow Action Heroes:
Himika Malik, Nabila Zaidi, Shinjini, Siddarth Misra,Vaaruni Pathak, Vinita Jaiswal +

Bhopal Action Heroes:
Harshika + , Utkarsh

Guwahati Action Heroes:

Abhishek Bora, Kasturi +

Jaipur Action Heroes:
Vivek Kakkar +

Pune Action Heroes:

Smitha, Nilankur,Anita Iyer, Javits Rajendran, Arpita UK, Somitra Chatterjee, Gullika


r said...

Why can't we have online meets, conferences, video conferences?

J said...

we can! would you like to help co organize one? bn calcutta and bangalore discussed this last year but we need someone to take it on and follow it through. say?

also there's nothing like a face to face meet up
but ofcourse we should organize a web video conf.

Sue said...

I thought I'd confirmed my attendance. Sorry. Will be there.

Ramit Grover said...

Hi, I saw this a bit late, and I already have work lined up for Sunday so can't make it this time. I have put up a little text on my blog linked to this and have asked readers to visit the meet. Would love to volunteer for pictures and text next time.

J said...

hi ramit. where are you writing from?

r said...

I'd love to! I have to get a nanny first, but I'm in.
Er...what exactly happens in a meeting?

J said...

rhea- hope you get a nanny soon.
the MEETING results will be shared as soon as we hear from the report writers per city.
hope to have it published by tomorrow.

Unknown said...

hi Jasmine,
hope you have received the Hyderabad Meeting report sent in by Ramya.... would like to here from you on the same...

Anonymous said...

Hey...sorry I didn't show up. But let me in know in advance about future meets and I'll be there. Hope the Pune meet was successful.
Anita I

Ramit Grover said...

Sorry J, didn't see this earlier. I'm in Delhi.