Mumbai meeting

Blank Noise Mumbai will meet on Saturday, March 4, at 4 pm. Please be there and email me - chininath@rediffmail.com - for directions. See you all soon. And come with lots of ideas and some clothes to give us, please!


Blank Noise Presents....

Blog-a-thon 2006

Marking our one year foray into the blog world, we’ve decided to host a Blog-a-thon on the issue of street harassment. No, you don’t have to run anywhere (thankfully) to participate, you’ve just got to get to your computer this TUESDAY (7th MARCH) and post your thoughts on street harassment/ eve teasing on your blog.

You can write about anything related to the topic: testimonies, opinions on harassment, comments about the Blank Noise project, would all be great. It doesn't matter where you're from, where you live, or whether you're a man or a woman - we'd love to have you on board.

If you’d like to participate, send an email to blurtblanknoise[AT]gmail.com before the coming Monday (6th March). We’ll add your name and blogsite to the ‘running’ list of participants on the Blank Noise blogsite so that everyone can see what everyone else is writing about the topic. Also, just to get the maximum number of people 'out' for this event - we'd request that you put up a posting on your blog prior to Monday to encourage other people to participate, and to let them know to check your blog on Monday.

So join one, join all!

Next Delhi meet

Our next meeting in Delhi will be on Tuesday, February 28th, location to be decided. Email us at blurtblanknoise@gmail.com if you would like to join!

ps: do bring along
2.a passport sized photo of yourself


Mumbai meet

Much to my relief, I have got some responses to my desperate plea about Blank Noise. Now, could we all meet up? I would suggest a weekend, for obvious reasons. And someplace in between town and the suburbs so it's convenient for everyone.

Mail me, post a comment, whatever - but let's get this show on the road. It would be wonderful if we could do it right this weekend - the 25/26.

My email - chininath@rediff.co.in.

BLANK NOISE DELHI: meeting schedule

Thanks to Delhi-ites for the spectacular turnout last week in Delhi! Our next meet will be on Wednesday, Februrary 22nd,7:30 pm If you’re interested in joining us, email

Meeting attended by Vijay, Priya, Himanshu,Smita, Swati, Shruti, Raghu, Harneet, Rohit. Hemangini ( Delhi Co ordinator) and Jasmeen.

what can be done to prevent street sexual harassment?

opinions written by random strangers on MG Road, Bangalore.


Hello Bombay!

Okay, I know that harassment happens in this city. I was called an 'item' three days ago, while dressed in old tracks, looking very harassed and unkempt with frizzy hair. That's my story. Where are all of yours? Wake up, Bombay! Mail me. Give us clothes. Get on your feet. Chop chop!

I've got only two responses so far! :-(