I Never Ask For It

No woman of any age colour character ever deserves to be sexually violated or what some might lightly call 'eve-teased'. There is no such thing as ' asking for it'.

Send one garment you wore when you experienced street harassment.
Your garment is a witness to the experience.
Your garment is a testimonial.

Together lets say out loud  I NEVER ASK FOR IT. 

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image source- viral on facebook

NDTV investigates Guwahati Mob Molestation. Watch video here

Akhil Gogoi an RTI activist has said that the molestation was 'planned and directed'.
He also said that the reporter was off duty and part of the mob.

Managing editor of Newslive was present when the mob started attacking the teenaged girl. He denies being involved in the attack and is backed up by Newslive. Newslive broadcast the video on their channel and added it to youtube.



A young girl was stripped, molested and beaten in full public view by a mob of men on a busy street in Guwahati in eastern India. The entire incident was caught on tape and it was only when the video started circulating online that the police belatedly arrested four men. But at least 12 attackers’ faces are clearly visible. Let’s keep up the pressure on the police to arrest them.

The girl has said that no one came to her rescue, including the team that was filming the incident. It’s only when the police arrived after nearly half an hour, that the attack stopped.

Insensitive remarks have followed on all sides, including from the head of the Assam police and the editor of the media house that filmed this incident. But India’s Home Minister P. Chidambaram has condemned them. Before this story gets lost in a war of words, let’s raise a resounding call to put pressure on the Assam police to arrest all the men in this mob of molesters. The outrage has been spreading through social media. Lets take active steps towards building inclusive cities that belong to men and women- where women are recognized citizens. Sign this petition and share it widely.

As concerned citizens we call on you to arrest all the men who brutally attacked, stripped and molested a young teenaged girl on a Guwahati street and announce what measures you will take to prevent crimes against women.

Sign petition to Assam police chief, J N Chaudhury demanding the arrest of the Guwahati Molestation Mob.


Mob with Faces

Are these mobs of 'men'? This is not manhood.
This is inhuman- vicious, harsh, cruel, merciless, brutal.

Am in 2 minds about posting the video. The footage reveals the following

1.  The camera wasn't hidden. It even had a light attached to it. They didn't care about being 'caught' on camera; on the contrary they seem to have their performance on display.  
2. The mob identifies the faces of the perpetrators.  4 have been arrested so far.
3. The video is an assault .  It could also be argued as the dilemma of 'documentary' footage. While we would not have experienced this shock without the footage , we can't help but question why the camera person didn't do more- if we could assume he/she was the only person with reason in this mob. Who shot this footage? Can anyone connect us to the camera person so that we interview this person? 
4. Mobs and intervention. What would stop this behaviour at that time? Police? You? Me?  
A counter 'peace mob'? And or  constant working on the simple attitude that street harassment is every body's business. It's not 'just a women issue'. ( more on 'whose issue' in the next post) 
We will examine case studies relating to mob behaviour and immediate successful intervention. To begin that we will document mob led attacks. If you know of someone working in this area - please do connect us right away.

We don't recommend you watching the footage unless you promise to be disgusted , outraged, sickened ,shocked, saddened and angered and importantly urged towards changing the scene. 
But ,what if you were there?  



Because the first experience of feeling discomfort and intimidated in public spaces comes with a sense of 'unpreparedness'. It could be something that you didn't identify then as street harassment but knew that 'something wasn't right'.  Because it is often left unarticulated.

Action Heroes / BN Guys
Recall and share your first memory of street harassment/ sexual violence
It could have been something you experienced/ witnessed or heard about for the first time and the impact it had on you.
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Young man arrested on charge of gang rape and molestation

Crime location: Rampurhat bus station, West Bengal
Nature of crime: rape
Who: 3 men
Time : 3 am

A young man has been arrested on charges of gang rape and molestation of two teenaged girls. He was one from a gang of 3 rapists-  the other two men are missing.   Telegraph states that one of the survivors called for help from the public around the bus station which led to one rapist being caught. The girls have reported the incident at the Rampurhat Police Station. The other 2 men have been identified.

Report via
Hindu ,  Telegraph , Indian Express