Calling Action Heroes to meet in Bombay. Carter Road. Sunday April 19. at 4 pm

There's a dress 'code':
Wear a garment you always wished to wear but did not or could not because something told you, you might be 'asking for it'.

Please bring along a garment you wore when you were 'teased' or harassed on the street.

***The intervention itself will be simple and in true Blank Noise spirit, will involve public participation> details shall be emailed after you confirm attending.

The event will end with a discussion.

Should you wish to help towards making this event happen- please email us at blurtblanknoise at gmail dot com and add your name to the list below:

  1. Varsha Chandwani
  2. Mohnish Moorjani
  3. Pranav Joshi
  4. Kismet Nakai
  5. Nisha Chandwani
  6. Manu
  7. Varsha Panikar + friends
  8. Aparna Hajnis + friends
  9. Punit
  10. Zuleikha
  11. Nhar
  12. Mansi
  13. Gayatri
  14. Gyan
  15. Saumya
  16. Aparna
  17. Saurabh
  18. you?

Stay tuned. to organize an event in your city get in touch asap.
Yours truly
Blank Noise Team

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photo credit: Manu + Jasmeen

Bombay Action Heroes : Pranav , Punit, Saurabh, Kismet Nakai, Manu, Chaitra, Ruth Lobo, Priyanka Suryaneyni, Yamini Deen, Varsha Panikar, Ushi.



- by Ilona Granet

Make a street sign.

It can be in any city , street , lane , neighbourhood you want. You could think of signs in buses, parks, night clubs, movie halls, malls and markets- it is up to you to spell out which kind of place you want your sign in. It could even be in sites where women have experienced street sexual harassment- like here.

You are welcome to say anything you want.


1. we encourage submissions that are affirmative.

2. your submission should include a brief note about which place you want to insert the sign in and why

3. it could be in any language but an English translation is important.

4. It does not need to have text. It could just be visual.

5. It does not need to have visual. It could just be text.

6. It could have both text and visual.

7. You must send us a web friendly jpeg/ png/ file, but remember not to throw away the original vector file incase yours is selected for printing!

8. you may be the recruiter- you could involve your local network to work on this.
for example- if you are a teacher- this could be a class assignment. If you are in college- you could organize a community of people to work on this.

9. Some of you might have better writing skills than visualization skills, in that case you are
welcome to send text for a street sign. Based on the response to this event we might have the option of someone with visual skills partnering with you to make this sign.

10. keep it simple

Your street sign will be put on the Blank Noise blog + flickr.
3 signs will be selected to be tried and tested in public. The selected signs could also be printed on t shirts.

Deadline: 17th May. 2009

Confirm your participation by emailing us at blurtblanknoise at gmail dot com
subject titled SIGN. We will add your name to the list below. Sign UP! Be an Action Hero.

We are always avaliable to chat with you about your idea for the street sign before your submission.

Here's what we want to say and why:

We are talking of safer cities not feared cities
We are talking of independent women, not paranoid women.
We are talking about collective responsibility- don't tell me to be even more 'cautious'.
We are talking about eve teasing as street sexual harassment and street sexual violence.
We are talking about autonomous women, not just mothers daughters and sisters amidst fathers brothers and sons.

resources/ reference
In the past we have discussed
and this
and this
and this
and this
and this

Sometimes we just love to walk, stand around, hang around, without looking ‘available'.


Street Sign: No Misbehaving. No Eve Teasing.

photographed by Manu
spotted by Mohnish Moorjani
Location: Joggers Park. Bombay

Seen anything like this before? Tell us about it- (better still if you could attach a photo)
e: blurtblanknoise at gmail dot com