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New logo please? Thank you.

our current logo

Hello Action Hero,
We turn 10 years old this August 2013!
And in the midst of much looking back, looking ahead steps we also seek a new logo.
So sketch. think. scribble. free associate. send in something that shares the spirit of Blank Noise
We're here if you want to talk with us about it- go back and forth on the design etc.
Please send in your logos to blurtblanknoise at gmail dot com by March 6th
In spirit,
Blank Noise Team



Happy Birthday Blank Noise Action Heroes/ BN Guys!

We are 9 today! Congratulations to all of you for the innumerable ways in which you have been involved and built conversation about street sexual harassment

Amongst a million things we hope and strive to achieve we think its about time we took time to
create a *NEW LOGO* ( and website).  We would LOVE to have YOU design it.

  • Your submission/s will be shared here  . 
  • You are welcome of course to submit more than 1 or a variation. 
  • Attach a brief note about the design.
  • Send in your logo by August 31 -blurtblanknoise at gmail .com subject titled BN LOGO
  • The new logo will be selected by both your popular vote and a BN core team.
  • There are no guidelines. Encouraging you to send in questions- compiled faqs will be published.

The selected logo designer will get an Action Hero goody bag and ofcourse will always be referred to as our logo designer.

Do share this far and wide.

Dhanyavaad -Shukriya- Tumba Thanks- Thank you- Danke Chon- Arigatoh