Say It Like An Action Hero

Bangalore Auto Rickshaw Action Hero Driver

Himmat Waali, Action Hero
Courageous one, Action Hero

Action Hero Hacker Tool Kit :
We ask our Action Heroes to be equipped with sticker paper ( easily available at all stationery shops), scissors and a marker.

Imagine every visual speaking reminding, repeating, reiterating in various ways , tones, languages.
"Freedom without fear. The Right to be unwarned. I Never ‘Ask For It'"

What affirmative words would you like to place over found pop culture visuals?
What would you rather every body said, instead of what they do say , you see?

Walk . Find. Stop. Write. Cut. Stick. Photograph. Send. Tweet.

Criteria and guidelines:
  1. Affirmative
  2. Affirmative
  3. Affirmative
  4. Build Action Hero Solidarity
  5. Affirmative
  6. Remember, this didn’t occur if you didn’t document it- don’t forget to take a photo and send it to blurtblanknoise@gmail.com
  7. Document
  8. Send. It did not happen unless you send it and we post it here :)