What do you feel when you encounter this?

Spotted at Lodhi Garden, Delhi. February 2014.

We couldn't ignore this message on the dustbin
Not because of its intended message.

Form. Content. Meaning. Interpretation. Repetition.
Warning:  Beware of Blind Words.

What does "Save The Girl Child" mean after all?

Action Heroes : Evidence Gatherers

Action Heroes as Evidence Gatherers was the focus of the Blank Noise Action Hero workshop at Srishti School of Art Design and Technology as part of the interim semester. (November- December 2013) The students aka Action Heroes worked on building a 'wall of evidence' by inviting the student community on campus to participate. The Action Heroes in their duty as Evidence Gatherers went to spaces within Yelahanka (where Srishti is situated) with 'build evidence' charts inviting people in the locality to participate. On another day the students took off to MG Road/ Brigade road/ Church street inviting citizens to build testimonials. Every testimonial is counted as evidence to say I Never Ask For It. 

The Build Evidence charts are bilingual. We will be sharing a downloadable version shortly to that you too can take on a role and contribute by being an evidence gatherer/ Action Hero in your community. This will be made available online also. To be involved contact
us at blanknoise@gmail.com


Asking For It

In saying " I Never Ask For It " , dear Action Hero, What do you ask for?
Tweet #AskingForIt March 10


I Never Ask For It. Launching Very Soon!

Action Hero Abhishek. Delhi.

Action Hero #1 , Goa

Action Hero Rishita, Bangalore

*  Send us a photo of the garment you wore when you experienced any form of sexual violence.
Submit a testimonial. Build Evidence  one Action Hero at a time.
Your testimonial is your truth. Your garment is your witness.
Together. Let's resonate- I Never Ask For It.

* Follow the campaign on Tumblr  Facebook  Twitter #INeverAskForIt and Gplus

*Website launching very very very very soon!
Here's to the team of Action Heroes who have been working hard to the very own I Never Ask For It website launch