What do you feel when you encounter this?

Spotted at Lodhi Garden, Delhi. February 2014.

We couldn't ignore this message on the dustbin
Not because of its intended message.

Form. Content. Meaning. Interpretation. Repetition.
Warning:  Beware of Blind Words.

What does "Save The Girl Child" mean after all?


J said...

t didn't intend to appear wrong. it was someone's act of thoughtless 'doing good' or putting forward a token message.

there were other dustbins in the garden. mostly saying " go green" etc.
this dusbtin caught our attention. it was peculiar. disturbing. frustrating. odd. wrong. and visually even amusing. was yet another attempt at 'doing something' after december 2012.

say to be heard.

perhaps more is more and a need. there are more than a hundred ways to draw attention to the issue of sexual violence. merging between form/ content/ intent.

yes we critiqued a dustbin .

Shirisha said...

Really it is very frustrating!!!