Create An Action Hero

Do you have a personal, desired, imagined, or lived ‪'Action Hero' response to experiences of sexual violence?

Make a sketch. Bring on its colours. Send it to blurtblanknoise@gmail.com 
It could be witty. angry. sad. calm. thoughtful.
Be you - unfiltered. This is your song.
Revisit a scenario. Imagine a response.

Your visual response to building Action Heroes could take the form of a comic strip, poster, a series of facebook profile photos, gifs, stickers.

Blank Noise will host the archive. 
You are the author and creator.

What are the desired possible future of this project:
i) Select images could be a gift to press stock images, so that 
they can use these images instead of the 'crouched shamed victim' - the story that is told and perpetuated. 

Making new imagery could inspire new narratives.
This is your script. Imagine. Desire. Create.
Assert. Insert. Occupy. Action Hero Imagery.
Hosted on the blank noise page/ website/ blog
Select imagery could be on t shirts, posters, walls.
It will be a reference and archive of desired responses

iii) We can ideate more possible desired futures of this project together. Send in your thoughts)

Guidelines to consider
* Definition of 'Action Hero'?
- Believes there is no excuse for sexual violence. 
- Refuses victim blame; to blame or be blamed.
- Takes agency and collective ownership to end sexual violence
- Fights fear
- Negotiates risk
- Is self confrontational- questions her/ his/ their bias and values.
- Seeks peaceful, non violent ways of tackling sexual violence.

Deadline. March 3rd. 2016
Submission requirement:
Medium- no restriction
Size- . (not strict but preferable 6 + inches width, 300 DPI, RGB Mode).
Format- JPEG / TIFF
Add a title
Add your name : Action Hero ____
Email : blurtblanknoise@gmail.com

With love,
Blank Noise Team

For your reference:  Showcasing Action Hero Rhea Daniel contribution from 2010. Her work has inspired and triggered this call for action. 


Meet To Sleep, Bangalore

Created by Action Hero Viji Chari
in response to her experience with
Meet To Sleep

" This was the second Meet To Sleep event I attended. Both time with my little daughter. And this time was really different from the first - here's how: 

The first time I did it for myself and for my child. I couldn't sleep, I had a book and a sheet to feel safe. And i was very self conscious. The space was beautiful and I did end up dozing off in the winter sun but woke up to every sound. 

The second time I did it for a larger cause. And my way of participating was to challenge myself. So no book, no sheet. I stared at the longest time at the lovely canopy and then fell into a deep, peaceful sleep. 

What really helped was Jasmeen's briefing at the start. Where the intent was communicated so well. And at the end, the sharing was longer and helped connect to the movement mot deeply. It was weird and yet so natural that a group of strangers felt a sense of safety in each others' presence. 

When my 11-year old daughter was hearing the adults share, she kept whispering back to me, "what is the big deal about sleeping in a park". While she may be too young to understand this, my hope is that with movements such as these, she would continue to ask this question even as an adult woman living in India.  "



To our Blank Noise community
Our celebrated Action Heroes, both near and far
Here's wishing you a fearless 2016! 

A year of dialogue, imagination, desire.
A year closer to ending victim blame 
A year of solidarity and kindness.
Happy New Year! 

We continue to work with full force towards building a large scale installation of garments to end victim blame.  In 2016, we look forward to research, collaborations, workshops, talks , interventions,  live action, fund raisers, new projects and much more. We look forward to working with you. Sign up to volunteer and or intern with Blank Noise in 2016.

Shout out to the Fabulous Action Heroes in 2015. 
Here's to you! 
Aarushi Kilawa
Aayush Bhingare
Abhishek Baxi 
Abhishek Chaudhury
Abhisikta Dasgupta
Akila K
Akash Nandi
Amalie Vikse
Ameya Gutta
Amrita Ganguly
Anandi Sharan
Annie Zaidi 
Anubhav Pradhan   
Anukriti Singh
Aru Bhartiya
Asfiya Farheen
Atreyeee Majumdar
Benjamin Stewart
Bhawana Udhani
Chirag Sharma
Denisse Albornoz
Divya Gulecha
Diya Pinto
Farya Lokhandwala
Garima Gupta 
Geetu George
Ila Bhat
Insiya Poonawala
Inti Maria
Ishani Ghose
Jayati Sood 
Jesril Bastina
Judith Druhe
Kaustubh Srikanth
Kinnary Doshi
Kiri Meili
Kunal Kiran
Lakshmi Kakodkar
Lijya Perayil 
Mahesha Hiremath
Malin Mendel Westberg
Malini Roy
Manpreet Singh 
Maria del Rio Sanin
Maria Emille Burge
Meenal Jain
Megha Bhagat
Mishaal Shetty
Monica Nanjunda
Naksha Erappa
Nandini Nagarajan
Neeha Mujeeb
Nia Chari
Nirbheek Chauhan
Ojasvi Singh
Palak Khandelwal
Parul Khanna
Pragati KB
Pushpa Achanta
Dr. Preeti Chawla
Preeti Govindraja
Pooja Kumar
Radhika Sinha 
Rajalakshmi Rajagopal
Rashi Sinha
Rishita Nandagiri 
Ritu Ganguli 
Rupali Arora 
Saptarshi Chakraborty
Satya Gummuluri 
Satyashree Sethia
Sayali Patwardhan
Seema Nair
Shilpa Goyal
Shruti Chandrashekharan
Shristi Banerjee
Silvana Rigobon
Sufiya Jay
Suhas Gokul
Sunayana Roy
Sukriti Suryavanshi
Suruchi Sharma
Swati Khaitan
Tashu Puri 
Teresa Gomes   
Tharunya Balan
Viji Chari
Vira Mistry 
Wolfram Thurm
Yamini Deen
Yasmeen Taj S
(incase we missed you, please report)


Meet To Sleep : January 16th 2016

Meet To Sleep 


"I want to 'Meet To Sleep' because in three years, I've never been in a public space without being afraid for my safety. I want to reclaim this city and the places that are as much mine as they are anybody else's." - Action Hero Avani Tandon Vieira

"' Meet To Sleep' asks us to replace our fear with trust, and it's not an easy thing to do. It will be my first experiment with trust, and I'm excited to see how it goes."- Action Hero Kat Lieder 


" I must admit the thought of not being in control in a public park petrifies me and it is precisely because of that that I'd like to do this." - Action Hero Chryselle

Alone or with a group.
With your best friend
With a stranger
Sleep. Alone. Together.
Fight Fear. 
Through Trust.
In sleep we protest.

January 16th .  2 : 30 -  5: 30 pm!

Meet To Sleep - would you Meet To Sleep where you are?
Get in touch and we will be sure to match you with an Action Hero in your location.
Detailed guidelines and exact location will be emailed on confirmation.

Also joined by Girls At Dhabas, Pakistan and Action Heroes in Pune, Bombay, Bangalore, Delhi , Jaipur and Why Loiter Mumbai.

Occupy in sleep.
Email in blurtblanknosie@gmail.com

Exact location and event guidelines will be shared on confirmation.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Brief report of Meet To Sleep ( November 2014- December 2015)

Total number = 11
Location: Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Jaipur, Delhi
Total Number of people: 55 Action Heroes

Meet to Sleep with Interim class in November 2014 (Bangalore)
Akash Nandi, Aayush Bhingare, Diya Pinto, Manpreet Singh, Radhika Sinha, Rajalakshmi Rajagopal, Rashi Sinha
Swati Khaitan

Meet to Sleep Bangalore (published on blog on 12th December 2014):
Lijya Periyal , Shilpa Gopal, Vira Mistry

Meet to Sleep with why loiter (Mumbai) January 2015:  
Sameera Khan , Shilpa Phadke, Shilpa Ranade

Meet To Sleep Mumbai (January 2015)
Meghna Bohidar, Rishita Nandagiri, Nilima, Shilpa Phadke, Aradhna , Shilpa's mum

Meet to Sleep Pune (January 2015)
Hrutika Patole, Naksha Erappa

Meet to Sleep Bangalore Jan 11th 2015:
Bhawana Udhani, Diya Pinto, Judith Druhe, Lijya Perayil, Malin Mendel Westberg, Maria Emilie Burger, Monica Nanjunda, Nia Chari, Shilpa Goyal, Viji Chari, Wolfram Thurm

Meet to Sleep Bangalore Feb 28 2015:
Bhawana Udhani, Lijya Perayil, Maria Emille Burger, Monica Nanjunda, Rishita Nandagiri, Satya Gummuluri, Shruti Chandrashekharan, Yamini Deen

Meet to Sleep Bangalore (April 2015)
Benjamin Stewart, Inti Maria, Kaustubh Srikanth, Vira Mistry

Meet to Sleep Jaipur (November 28th):
Aarushi Kilawat, Meenal Jain , Palak Khandelwal, Parul Khanna , Satyashree Sethia, Sukriti Suryavanshi, Supriya

Meet to Sleep Pune (November 28th):
Ameya Gutta, Sayali Patwardhan 

Meet to Sleep Bangalore (November 28th):
Anandi Sharan, Asfiya Farheen, Diya Pinto, Kiri Meili, Mahesha Hiremath, Pragati KB,, Seema Nair, Shailaja, Silvana Rigobon, Sufiya Jay, Tharunya Balan. Vira Mistry. Wolfram Thurm, Yasmeen Taj S


Section 377. I Never Ask For It .

Students, now 'Action Heroes' at Srishti Institute Of Art Design and Technology worked with Blank Noise through the Interim Semester in 2014. Action Heroes walked the Bangalore Pride, 2014 asking the question  " What do you wish for?  What do you dream of ? What do you ask for ?"

" Everyone is entitled to live a life of dignity. Humiliation is what we're fighting against.
Our demand before the parliament is that the law needs to be repealed. We need to ensure that the Union Of India moves to repeal this particular law. ..and when this law goes... a social attitude is transformed, and that is our objective. " - Arvind Narrain.


Siddarth Narain examines blame through the I Never Ask For It text series.

" For those who are lucky to have supportive family, liberal peer groups, exposure to support
groups, or LGBT communities, the feeling of guilt is gradually replaced with that
of pride, pride in being different.

Coming to terms with one’s sexuality and the norms and practices of one’s community is a life long project. Part of this process is to recognize and deal with the phenomenon of victim-blame. I.e. the impulse to blame oneself, or someone from one’s own “community” for being at the receiving end, violence or stigma. If we are not careful, this then becomes an easy narrative, hiding more structural
problems of discrimination. "


Send a garment you wore when you experienced any form of sexual or gender based violence/ discrimination. Be a force to end victim blame. I Never Ask For It. 

Action Hero Abhishek
New Delhi, India

Once, while walking out of the college, a group of men followed me till the Metro station. They all were whispering but their giggles let out insulting gestures and they seemed 'amused' by me. One of them followed me till the inside and then I knew, it was enough.

I turned back to the perpetrator, something that we are ingrained to dodge and asked what his 'problem' was. I didn't seem very entertaining to him after that.

"I like dressing in colours, in different styles that could are often dubbed as 'weird for a boy' or are seen as gender subversive but even when I do dress in the simplest gender conforming clothes, something as simple as a red and white checked shirt, things don't always change. I still often find myself in a web of stares and unsaid questions on the streets but I pledge not to loose my colours. They are here to stay and so am I.

Be a force to end victim blame. I Never Ask For It.
Share your testimonial here


Moments Of A Long Pause

Read viewing options below before pressing play.

Moments Of A Long Pause was commissioned by the Bronx Museum of Arts towards the exhibition,  Street Art, Street Life in 2008.

Moments of a Long Pause is a two channel video installation based on interviews with men and women on the streets of 5 cities in India (Delhi, Agra, Ludhiana, Amritsar, Calcutta) . The video brings men and women in a conversation about dealing with sexual harassment, sexual violence, flirting, play, wooing, 'teasing'.  The dialogue between the 2 monitors explores feelings of shame, blame, guilt, denial, fear ,resistance. 

Video edit space supported by Akademie Schloss Solitude, Stuttgart, Germany.

Medium- 2 channel video. duration- 18 minutes loop

Thank you : Annie Zaidi, Hemangini Gupta, Dana Roy, Gogol, Smriti Chanchani, Umang Bhattacharya, Nupur Mathur, Timo Boeker (edit). 

The original two channel video has been edited to be viewed on one screen for youtube only.

To screen Moments Of A Long Pause to a larger group : 
( To view the version above)

i) Permission.
Write to us at blurtblanknoise@gmail.com, subject titled Moments Of A Long Pause.
Moments of a Long Pause is now online, and we encourage you to share
BUT but taking permission prior screening is good practice :)
We promise to be prompt in writing back.

ii) Documentation
Document the screening. Take photos. Videos.
Tweet #MomentsOfALongPause @blank_noise
Write a short report ( 250 words) .
Send it our way.

ii) Support
screening Moments Of A Long Pause, requests a screening fee and we encourage you to contribute generously. Email in for bank details.

If you would like to install Moments Of A Long Pause, as the two channel video installation ( 2 monitors facing each other with audience sat in between), write to us and we can send you the original files along with a tool kit for installation.

email : blurtblanknoise@gmail.com
subject titled " Moments Of A Long Pause "