Building evidence : Public memory

“Mobile phone culture, bad influence of western culture and indecent dressing sense among women as reasons behind rape” 
Uttar Pradesh Police, 
Source: IBN

“Mandatory for girl students to wear overcoats to prevent sexual crimes” .
Minister for Education , forests, electiricity, Puducherry, T Thiagarajan’s decision after the kidnapping and rape of a grade 12 student and an engineering student.
Source: Hindustan Times

“Why would a mother go to a nightclub?”
Transport Minister of WB (TMC), Madan Mitra’s response to Suzzette Jordan’s gangrape in Kolkata.
Source: The Hindu

“Women who cross their limits will pay the price.”
Member of Parliament and BJP leader , Kailash Vijayvargia
Source: India Today

“Rapes take place also because of a woman's clothes, her behavior and her presence at inappropriate places”
National Congress Party Leader, Asha Mirje
Source: Reuters

“Being gay is a mental disorder.”Bharatiya Janata Party member, Dr. Subramanian Swamy
Source: Deccan Chronicle

Reporting To Remember is a pledge to not forget incidents of sexual violence, that have been justified by individuals in power and authority. It takes the form collaborative, participatory, and open research project that archives incidents of gender based violence that have been excused, and therefore permitted. 

We are Reporting to Remember : incidents of sexual violence that have been justified and live in public collective memory. The Reporting To Remember project locates, collects and shares the number of incidents and cases of sexual violence that have been excused, hence allowed, across geographies and contexts.

To contribute to Reporting To Remember is to be part of a collective process of generating evidence. This could be in the form of statements, news reports, articles, blogposts and other public documents.

The Reporting To Remember project values inclusivity in its reports and urges you to share statements from various spaces and locations, and relating to multiple genders, orientations, identities, and intersections. This archive is a collaborative effort and will be publicly shared and sourced. 

*Reporting to Remember*  is a collaborative open archive project as part of the "I Never Ask For It" campaign. It is being facilitated by Blank Noise along with project partners and allies, i.e., you.

Do fill in this form, linking to documents, articles, or posts that you have come across in your contexts, communities and collective memories, that justify sexual violence. 

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