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hindi- 'who is an action hero?'

The Action Hero Game is built on a series of personal challenges in the city. 
The game is simple. Your game partner and opponent is you.
There is no one method or quick solution to be an Action Hero
Each potential Action Hero goes to a new area in his / her city. On arriving there potential Action Heroes receive 'challenges' via phone messages 
Action Heroes across locations receive a set of 6 tasks over 4 hours via sms
If you don't wish to do a task (eg task 1a) text us and we will send you another task (eg task 1B) 
Are you an Action Hero
Find out! Play this game!
The same rules apply to all participants.

no. of tasks = 6

duration = 4 hours
time = 11 am- 3 pm IST
date = 5/ 10/ 2013 
day= saturday
no. of players = infinite. 
multiple action hero players across cities, towns, countries.


start point:  chose your location on the city map. be sure to chose a place NEW to you as your start point.
end point:  top secret. cannot be disclosed. play the game. find out!

Action Hero Game Guideline:
Be willing to be vulnerable
Be willing to challenge yourself
Be willing to explore new and unfamiliar
Be willing to define your own limit
Be willing to take risks. Be willing to define your comfort level

Action Hero Game Instructions: 
the location start point should be unfamiliar to you
go to the starting point alone
play the game alone
take public transport to reach the start point
please use your phone only to receive text messages from us. text messages will be sent every couple of mins to an hour.
please do not fold your arms at any point.
please do not wear your sunglasses
please do not plug in your ear
please do not get into a conversation with a friend ,incase you meet one on the street while you are playing this game.
please do not take photographs unless asked in the game
please do not introduce yourself as someone participating in a project - 
try and think of other ways of introducing yourself, if required.
create twitter account and or send us your mobile number
follow @actionherocity to receive game instructions.
it's a closed account and only those playing the game can follow that space.
it will send tweet instructions to your phone

Action Hero Game Faqs here.

for any thoughts and questions do email us at blurtblanknoise@gmail.com

Action Hero Team on board includes
Shivangini Tandon, Abhishek Chaudhury, Yamini Deen, Maria Del Rio , Ameya Gutta , Jasmeen Patheja 


How To Design a City For Women

Via The Atlantic Cities

"In 1999, officials in Vienna, Austria, asked residents of the city's ninth district how often and why they used public transportation. "Most of the men filled out the questionnaire in less than five minutes," says Ursula Bauer, one of the city administrators tasked with carrying out the survey. "But the women couldn't stop writing."

More here

Are you an urban planner
An architect
A politician / corporator in charge of an area or district?
Think inclusive design. Take the #SafeCityPledge
Share your thoughts, plans, ideas on making cities safe and inclusive.
We would love to be part of this conversation with you.
email in at blurtblanknoise@gmail.com


No Thank You.

WHY is this image considered by several people on facebook and twitter as 'hard hitting'?

I am not a Goddess
I am not a Goddess
I am not a Goddess
I am not a Goddess
I am not a Goddess
I am not a Goddess
I am not a Goddess
I am not a Goddess
I am not a Goddess
I am not a Goddess
I am not a Goddess
I am not a Goddess
I am not a Goddess
I am not a Goddess

What is the opposite of Goddess?

Citizen. Cities. Autonomy 
Has little space
or thought even
For the kind of 'good woman' you construct that needs to be worshipped.
Is she 'Goddess' if
She's single
Not a virgin
A divorcee
A single mum
Child free 
If she laughs out loud
If she lets her hair lose
If she flirts
Initiates sex.

Empathy. Not worship.

You aesthetically bruised image of a Goddess
You disturb me.
Not just because you are bruised
Also because you are bruised
We need a new narrative.
Not the victim story.
Action Heroes Only.

Not a Goddess

I don't need to be protected only because I am your virtuous sister
I don't need to be protected only because I am your virtuous mother
I don't need to be protected only because I am your virtuous daughter

You need to be protected too. Just like me.

Not the kind of protection that involves men to protect 'their women' from 'other men'.
Another kind. The equal kind. 

Hindustan Times
The Trouble With Being a Goddess
First Post