Action Hero Game FAQ

What is this game?
An Action Hero sets new rules for street behaviour. 
The game player/ Action Hero receives a series of instructions or tasks over a period of four hours. The Action Game is played simultaneously across cities, countries, towns and time zones. The instruction arrives on the players mobile phone as an instruction.The Action Hero has to start from the location that is unfamiliar to her/ him.
While every Action Hero receives the same tasks, each participant responds differently to the given task or challenge.  For example if a task in the game specifies that the Action Hero initiates a conversation with a stranger- its upto the participant to decide which stranger he/ she chooses to speak with etc. This kind of decision making is contextual. Every potential Action Hero who participates in the game goes through a process of making decisions and enabling new behaviour on the street based on her/ his existing comfort level and the willingness to push or question it.

How many people can play this game?
Any number can play the game. Anything from one to hundred people.

Is this only for women?
No, not at all. Anyone can participate in the game

Do I need a smart phone to play this game?
No you don't need a smart phone. A basic phone that allows you to receive text messages will do! 

Do I need to have a twitter account?
Yes you need to create a twitter account if you dont have one.
Send a request to @actionherocity to play this game
Turn on mobile notifications on the twitter account when you follow @actionherocity so that our tweet can arrive on your phone.

Is there a number we can call Blank Noise at in case we can't figure twitter set up?
*Preferred * Email us at blurtblanknoise@gmail.com
You can phone us between 9 30 am- 5 pm at 0091.9886840612 and we can take you through the registration process.

What if I don't feel like playing the in the middle of the game?
Try to understand why. You can always ask for another task if you're not ready to take the task sent to you on the phone. You also have the option to quit when you feel like.

Have you played this Action Hero Game before?
Yes, three times.
We played it for 12 hours in Bangalore in 2009
For five hours in Bangalore in 2012
For four hours in Tokyo, Japan in 2010

What should I keep in mind while playing the game? How do I prepare myself? 
Prepare yourself by being willing to explore the new and unfamiliar. Prepare yourself by finding the new in the very familiar. Prepare by not over preparing. Be open. Take a walk. 

What if I feel uncomfortable?
It's something you could be doing for the first time and it might be uncomfortable. Sit with discomfort , examine it, accept it, chose to reject it. We don't prescribe the behaviour; you define what you want to do. We will be proposing ideas. Your willingness will give these ideas shape and form. We will enable situations through our game task proposal but its your comfort and will that will build the experience.

Does this game mean the streets will become safe? 
Blank Noise is committed to tackling the fear based relationship women have had with their cities. The game does not promise a harassment free street after this. What we do those this game is set new rules for our interaction. Create new memories and associations with a place through a series of unexpected , sometimes risk taking, fear fighting actions.
The game is gender neutral. Anyone can play it.  How would men and women respond to the same task? How does every individual strategise around a challenge?
Having both men and women play the game and then share their insights enables a deeper understanding of our cities and public interactions.

What if I run into a friend on the street?
Say hello and get back to your game.

What if people ask me why am here?
The game rules don't give you the permission to tell anyone you're participating in an Action Hero Game. Find your reason.

What are the game rules?
Rules are published here

Can I play the game again?
You can play the Action Hero Game level 1 up to three times only.
After level 1 you can play Action Hero Game level 2.
Action Hero Game level 2 comes with a different set of parameters.

How many times can I play level 2?
You can play level 2 , twice after which there's the last and final level 3.

What's Action Hero Game level 3?
It's the last and final of our Action Hero Game series! After playing this game you're going to be the celebrated Super Action Hero Star.

What do I get at the end of the game?
TOP SECRET/// + ( and hopefully soon an Action Hero Kit) 
the kit is work in progress

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