Action Hero Game RULES

The following are the rules of the Action Hero Game. Follow close.
  • the location you chose to start from should be unfamiliar to you
  • go to the starting point alone
  • take public transport to reach the start point
  • arrive at location atleast 10 minutes prior to start time. 
  • commit to all of 4 hours of this game.
  • play alone- don't whatsapp, text, tweet etc unless the game asks you to. Use your phone only to receive text messages from us. text messages will be sent every couple of mins to an hour.
  • do not get into a conversation with a friend ,incase you meet one on the street while you are playing this game.
  • do not fold your arms at any point.
  • do not wear your sunglasses
  • do not plug in your ear phones
  • do not take photographs unless asked in the game
  • do not introduce yourself as someone participating in a game - try and think of other ways of introducing yourself, if required.
  • submit game report immediately after tasks are complete
  • if you don't wish to take on a particular task you can request another task. You will have this option twice.
  • you can quit the game any point you like as long as you submit a report on why you felt the need to quit.

Hints for 'Winners' :
  • be open
  • be present
  • be willing

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