Action Hero Testimonials: Diversity

Dear Action Heroes world wide.

At Blank Noise we have largely used the web space to build dialogue on the issue of sexual violence. We announce events, build participation, work towards growing a community of men and women who take ownership and responsibility of sexual violence. We intervene across spaces with multiple forms of media (live street actions/ t shirts/ posters/ sound installations/ interviews) but rely largely on the web to build testimonials of sexual violence. There are spaces and communities this blog space hasn't accessed. That's also where we count on you.  For example, we can't take the blog to a domestic help just right away but we can count on you to be the story gatherers, the trusted agents who gather and deliver testimonials

Sexual violence/ harassment at the workplace, at home.  Domestic help abuse goes unreported. untold. silenced.

It's crucial that we gather testimonials of women from across socio economic backgrounds, languages, age groups, histories to establish both the widespread nature of the issue, share strategies of how and when women became Action Heroes. There's something incomplete in our understanding hence approaching the issue of sexual violence if most of the testimonials come from women who access this space only. Let's make this space diverse.

Here's what you can do:
Identify groups and communities that largely don't access web space:

1. speak with senior citizens about how they dealt with sexual violence
2. speak with/ interview/ record testimonials of women who speak other languages
send us both your testimonial report and also the audio piece.

We will build a testimonial gathering Action Hero team to manage this space.
To apply for this role, email in at blurtblanknoise@gmail.com

Thank you.

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