#SafeCityPledge Workshop Delhi

Safe City Pledge  workshop at Cambridge School Delhi ,
with 600 students between 14-17 years
Facilitated by Action Heroes :Yamini Deen. Viveka Chauhan. Bhamati Sivapalan


#SafeCityPledge #Kolkata

Simrin Mehra Agarwal, Artist, Citizen, Action Hero takes her Safe City Pledge.
Have you?

To The Men. Mard. Guys. Boys. Gents. - There are men against sexual violence. 
We want to hear you LOUDER. Say it. Build this space


Making "Rapist Lane" the Safest Lane

This lane in Yelahanka, Bangalore was referred to as the "Rapist Lane" by a number of women between the age of 18- 22 years. We don't have evidence of rape in this location but it had taken this name because a number of women had been molested in this stretch. It had earned a reputation of being unsafe; something you don't negotiate, but accept. The Yelahanka Action Heroes ( a locality specific Blank Noise Action Hero network) intervened to change the scene. This place was seen as unsafe due to the following reasons:
1. No street lights working
2. No commercial activity, a vegetable cart at 4 pm, an ice cream cart at 5 pm, factory workers leaving at 5 15 pm.
3. Men would stop their cars and drink. And or get out and pee. 
4. Buses were parked by the pavements all day, they belonged to the factory and would take the women factory workers home in the evening. The rest of the day, the buses were stationery and empty, hence often perceived as threatening.

Unlearning Fear. Asserting Presence
Here's one of the projects towards making Rapist Lane- the Safest Lane
Three Action Hero giants were painted on the wall along this stretch. 
They had a neon paint and so they would glow at night. 
While painting, the Yelahanka Action Heroes befriended the locals and the bus drivers who also got involved in giving feed back, or adding paint to the Giant Action Hero mural. 

{Yelahanka Action Heroes / YAH! was built during a month long Action Hero course 
at Srishti School of Art Design and Technology, November-December 2012}

Team includes : Vishaka Jindal, Anamika Deb, Radha Rohit Parulekar, Pallavi Datta, Masood Ali, Aneri Jhaveri +

Also here

Violence and Silence


#stopblame #INeverAskForAskIt #SafeCityPledge


Intervened. Changed The Scene. ( until July 31st )

There are men against sexual violence. We just want to hear you louder. Tell us how you stood up against sexism #SafeCityPledge


#SafeCityPledge Mumbai

Artist. Actor. Activist. and Rajya Sabha Member
Shabana Azmi takes the #SafeCityPledge

location: Delhi. Saket
credit: Yamini Deen. Viveka Chauhan

Pledge with PRIDE
taken your #SafeCityPledge yet?
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Safe City Pledge

Via Stop Street Harassment

via stop street harassment
original source here

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  1. Time to get off now :( I shall tweet in detail in a bit.phone net sucks #endsh
  2. "@shivtan: “@vivekachauhan: Im finding that men get very squirmish if you stare right back at them. fun!" #endsh me too!

  3. @vivekachauhan: Im finding that men get very squirmish if you stare right back at them. fun!" #endsh yes im trying to keep count
  4. 'dhakka toh lagega hi.bheed ka time hain' #endsh
  5. Really crowded and women have taken to standing in the tiny sliver of space between ladies' seats #endsh
  6. Little funny how ppl are eyeing me with suspicion #endsh
  7. Cranky network.please to bear with me.#endsh @BLANK_NOISE
  8. Amidst much cribbing,I get up and stand.'yeh toh ladies' seat Nahin hain' murmurs.the real thing starts now #endsh

  9. Conductor thinks I am a journalist.sad to know I am not.'rule hain madam,humein kya pata' bus is filling up.more women.#endsh
  10. @BLANK_NOISE still on a general.strong feeling I will either need to fight or shift #endsh

  1. Actually no concept of a general seat.ladies seat or 'admiyon ka seat' (men's seat).there r 8 ladies' seats and ard 22 'men's seats' #endsh
  2. Bus still has a bit to start.I get off and loiter,no woman in sight.trying to tweet pic #endsh
  3. Empty bus because this is where route starts.I take general seat,promptly asked to take a ladies' seat #segregation #endsh
  4. The bus depot has just another woman.she takes the same bus.sometimes there are more women,mostly with husbands #endsh


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#EndSH #SafeCityPledge #RingTheBell

  1. @BLANK_NOISE went off really well at nehru place. many men many great safecity pledges! @Bell_Bajao #endsh
  2. @Bell_Bajao they should not be silent bystanders to those who stare incessantly, pinch, touch inappropriately...

  3. I'll travel by the general train compartment. not Ladies only. Want my entire city 2 b safe #safecitypledge #endSH http://twitpic.com/cikj13 
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  4. reading @BLANK_NOISE retweets that sound like dispatches from a warzone. fight on sisters.
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  5. @c_gawker @BLANK_NOISE well I can tell you, rush hour general compartment, del metro is almost feels a war zone #endsh
  6. heading back to saket station.been an introspective ride on the general compartment Delhi.metro @blank_noise #endsh
  7. @BLANK_NOISE @shivtan just looking casually back at them when they stare. the eyes turn immediately aware
  8. this has definitely given me confidence to travel in the general compartment of the Delhi metro. @BLANK_NOISE #endsh
  9. Im finding that men get very squirmish if you stare right back at them. fun! @BLANK_NOISE @Bedatri @shivtan #endsh
  10. finding it tough to hold my ground in rush hour general compartment, but holding on. @BLANK_NOISE #endsh
  11. @BLANK_NOISE making eye contact and reclaiming space on the general compartment Delhi metro. #bell_bajao #Endsh
  12. every woman walking into the general compartment shrinks into a shell. either on phone or eyes pointed to the ground. @BLANK_NOISE #Endsh
  13. just got told by an man to move to the women's compartment. feel segregated rather than protected by this statement.#blank_noise #ENDsh
  14. reporting from the Delhi metro. talk about a tight squeeze! #blank_noise #endsh