Yelahanka Action Heroes : Safe City Pledge

Yelahanka Action Heroes were formed during a month long Action Hero workshop at the Srishti School of Art Design and Technology. Time period: November -December 2012/ November -December 2013

The Yelahanka Action Hero 2013 team included the following
Saumya Pankaj, Shruti Anand, Ruchir Gupta, Fiza Ishaq, Upasna, Soumya , Ritika, Sachi Raval, Trusha Orza, Muniza , Shivangi ( to be updated)

The YAH team was built also with the support of the auto rickshaw drivers community in Yelahanka. The Action Hero network grew as auto rickshaw drivers took the Safe City Pledge.

We will be sharing all of activities and events built by the Action Heroes over the next couple of weeks.

Yelahanka Action Heroes
Sachi Raval, Shivangi, Trusha

All NEW Yelahanka Action Hero (YAH)
growing network of Yelahanka citizens