Action Hero Playlist:

Is there a song that puts you in the Action Hero mood? Let's build an action hero playlist > May 25- June 10 It could be a song that uplifts you....inspires...builds courage...reinforces a belief...calms you...angers you....lights a spark... Your Action Hero song

(could be about cities. walking. about saying 'I never ask for it'. about strangers. who knows! send it and we'll add it. could be one song or more)

If it's on youtube-send us the link.We'll add your name to the list here and link you to your song. If your action hero song isn't online, do write down the lyrics OR better still sing it yourself/upload it and email the link. Any language of course (but do send in the English translation please) Don't forget to ask those around you (mum.grandma.friends.relatives.domestic-help.neighbourhood-vendors?)

blurtblanknoise@gmail.com subject title Action Hero Song

Send it! Let's SING! Action Heroes building playlist:

  1. Jennifer Hughes Jail Weddings Tough Love
  2. Prineet Kaur Sohal - Nina Simone Funkier than a Mosquito's Tweeter
  3. Shohini Sen - Nancy Sinatra These Boots Are Made For Walking
  4. Satoko Yamaguchi -Yoko Ono Woman Power
  5. Monica Mody - ost DOR Yeh Hausla
  6. Rhea Daniel - Fiona Apple A Mistake
  7. Pooja Ghosh - theme song Power Puff Girls
  8. Nainy Sahni- ost Lakshya Kandho se hain milte kandhe
  9. Annie Zaidi- ost Ek Thi Ladki (There was a girl) Lara Lappa
  10. Must Bol - Frou Frou Holding Out For a Hero
  11. Amruta Mehta - LES Artistes Santo Gold
  12. Jasmeen Patheja - Petula Clark Downtown
  13. Satya - Raat
  14. Inderjit Kaur
  15. Rebecca Winslow - Helen Reddy I am woman
  16. Micropixie
  17. Aurina Chatterji - Fiona Apple Extraordinary Machine
  18. Mandy Van Deven - Le Tigre's On Guard
  19. Trishima Mitra Kahn - Ani Di Franco 32 Flavors
  20. Deepshika Arora - Shubha Mudgal Mann Kee Manjeere
  21. Cole Walks - Mutya Buena Real Girl + Chantal Kreviazuk Weight of The World
  22. Maesy Angelina - Eartha Kitt  I Want To Be Evil
  23. Bedatri D Choudhury - Nancy Sinatra These Shoes Are Made For Walking