Unite To Eradicate Victim Blame : Invitation To Allies and Action Heroes

campaign overview

September 25th - October 1st 2016
I Never Ask For It Week
Unite To Eradicate Victim Blame
Invitation To Action Heroes and Allies

i) Step in , in an independent one ‘Action Heo’  capacity.
Duration: Short term one time engagement  with the option of extending duration and nature of association.

ii) Step in, influence, involve, create I Never Ask For It community:
Duration: Short to long term ( 3 months that can be extended depending on your availability )
  • Draw on your personal resources, networks and people around you. Start the conversation on victim blame and I Never Ask For It Clothes Project where you live, with communities that you are already part of . Eg neighbourhood, dance class, tution community) Reach out to self and those around you.
  • You can also take this forward would be to apply to volunteer or intern towards this five year campaign.

iii) Are you on campus ?  /  ( Or know someone who is?)
If sexism, rape culture, victim blame/ shame, sexual violence concerns , affects, angers or outrages you, you are very invited to the Action Hero Campus Network: A Network Of Campus Allies Committed To Building Ending Sexism, Patriarchy and Victim Blame.   

iv) Are you associated with an organisation working to end violence against women , girls and individuals across the sexualities/ gender spectrum?
The campaign invites and mobilizes communities, organizations and groups. both in India and globally, to step in and co create this vision. Nominate or add your organization/ community to the Global Feminist Network to End Victim Blame.

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