Walk Alone : Step By Step Guide To Unapologetic Walking

For The Right To Walk Unwarned.
No Excuse For Sexual Violence.
I Never Ask For It.

Dear Action Heroes,
This week ( June 12 -19, 2016 )  We Walk Alone. Together.
Take a step towards a place you have never been alone to before
Or have been warned about.

Identify the place. Walk there. Take a photo.
#WalkAlone + Mention Place + Add Selfie + Describe How You Feel.

Repeat It , Till You Become It.
Fearless. Action Hero.

*Event Closes 31st December 2016

Action Hero Chaitra Rao : I walked alone on the roads of a village, Koppa during early sunlight morning. It felt liberating to be walking alone with my thoughts on the serene roads of a village without the frenzy of the city air. Although I looked over my shoulder often, I walked on to overcome my fear or the feeling that I'm vulnerable. I should do this more often .


Action Hero Atreyee Majumder: I am a compulsive walker. But not a runner. I need the slow contemplative rhythm of walking to clear my head. Walking in the hilly cities of Kohima and Shillong was an additional test of stamina. The hills are less rushed than the plains, thus, amenable to a walker's pace.Men and women move at the rhythm of clouds. The day moves into a bout of rain, comes out into a  bit of sunshine, and then slowly wraps itself in evening. B and I walk from Nongrim to Police Bazaar to Laitumukrah. We take a bus. We take shared taxis. The pace is content, slow. The mood is - I don't have a word for it - it's a kind of content, but something more. Kohima is quiter, slower. It rains off and on. I walk around downtown, uphill and downhill. Up to the war cemetery. I forget my gender. In a most liberating way. The plains are forever burdening me with femaleness in my navigation of space. But the hills are more relenting.


Action Hero Jasmeen. Bangalore. Eucalyptus Plantation.

‪#‎WalkAlone‬ Sunday includes strangers warning strangers of strangers. The Story Of Fear.

Kannada to English translation by Bela Shah Patil
Man on bike :  Walking....?Are you alone....? People around here are not good........are you upset that I asked you.........here the place is not good....I am just saying that ladies coming alone......should not....

Action Hero Neha Khandelwal
Walking home from friend's place in Yelahanka 4th Phase, Bangalore at 10 30 PM

I have walked alone a few times in Yelahanka before but I have preferred to have male company accompany me. It is difficult to stop practising prevention when you have experienced street harassment all the time. This time when I took the walk I was really conscious of my surroundings. I did not even stop to take the picture because I did not want to stop. But I came across a family of 4, a mother with her two kids walking their dog and that immediately made me let go of my fear. I felt as if that is what was the solution. For women, children to occupy the roads, to make it the norm so that it does not stay an exception. Kudos to the women walking the streets in the night. I urge them to continue as will I,even though it still scares me!

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