When You Are Past The Auto Correct Apology : Which By The Way, You Must Deliver

To Salman Khan and anyone justifying your words
To anyone who found it funny, and or has made such statements before or is likely is to here after.
Beyond political correctness
Speak after feeling.
What , according to you, does 'a raped woman' feel?

“When I used to walk out of that ring, it used to be actually like a raped woman walking out.”
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National Commission For Women Wants An Apology From Salman Khan For The Rape Comment Within 7 Days . Shiv Sena Will Not Forgive Salman Khan If He Does Not Apologise
Singer Sona Mohapatra gets trolled with rape threats, after commenting on Salman Khan misogyny. 

To Salman Khan,
And anyone who could have said the same. 

Tell me what a ‘raped woman’ feels.

Past the public apology
The 'mistake'
'A slipped statement'
'A joke'
'Just a joke'
'Foot in mouth'
Not right
Big deal.

Tell me what a ‘raped woman’ feels.

They might stuff hollow words in your mouth
Stuff them back in our ears
Beyond shame
Right or wrong

Like a woman

Tell me what a ‘raped woman’ feels.


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