Things I Am Not : Word and Meaning Revised 2014

This archive has been built via a Blank Noise Action Hero Workshop
With the Tibetan Community in Exile. Tibetan Women's Association.

First version of 'Things I am Not ' was published in 2007.  Action Heroes send in food names they had been hooted at , songs sung to, and other adjectives/ insults.

We created an Action Hero workshop with the Tibetan Community in Exile, Tibetan Women's Association  in Dharamsala this August. One component of the workshop involved creating a list of names women had been called. Part of the process is in articulating an insult , verbalising it, rejecting it, sharing it. This also leads to building insight for further intervention.

Guideline for submission:
1. Please mention your origin / ethnicity
2. Where did you hear it ? ( place )
3. Who said it ?

Please email in at blurtblanknosie@gmail.com subject titled THINGS I AM NOT


Hahaha Sangha : Tibetan Community In Exile Action Heroes

We're thrilled to build the 'Action Hero- I Never Ask For It ' workshop with members of the Tibetan Womens Association.  That's 60 all newAction Heroes! 

The workshop was held in McLeodganj, Dharamshala as part of TWA's 'Training of Trainers programme'.  More about TWA here .  We will be sharing photos and details of the entire workshop in the next couple blog posts. .

Action Heroes in the Tibetan Community in Exile also launched the Hahaha Sangha at the Mcleodganj square on August 7th.  Photos below. 


Action Hero Workshop : I Never Ask For It

Images from the Action Hero , I Never Ask For It workshop with the Tibetan Women's Association

Dr. Lobsang Sanggay addressed the Tibetan Womens Association gathering.

Participating Action Heroes #INeverAskForIt workshop. 



Dear Action-Heroes world wide,

We are #ReportingToRemember 
Please add in comments below and or tweet incidents of violence against women,
where women experienced blame. Tweet an incident where sexual violence was justified or excused.
Action Heroes build evidence.