Asking For It

In saying " I Never Ask For It " , dear Action Hero, What do you ask for?
Tweet #AskingForIt March 10


  1. Shuktara2:11 am

    Shuktara Lal : I ask to be allowed to be who I am in the city I live in. In the country I am a citizen of. In wanting equal ownership of public city spaces, I am not asking for anything illegal. Come to think of it, I simply ask to be allowed to be.

  2. V.S. Elizabeth2:15 am

    I only ask to be allowed to step out of my home without fear, To be able to walk on the road without fear, to be able to sit in a public bus, train or plane without some one groping my body against my will. To be able to travel, explore, experience adventures without fear.To be able to dress freely and not wonder if someone will think I am asking for it. Will I ever, at any stage in my life be able to do this?

  3. Sunayanaa2:19 am

    I ask to be let alone to make my choices and rise or fall by them. Most of all, I ask you give me the respect I give you.

  4. I ask to be considered.

  5. I ask for equality and respect. No wolf whistles, no cat calls or sexual remarks. Great post. I support the women of India in their cause