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Nikhil said...

I think that there are many who have not heard of blanknoise. We need to make this name known in each and every home. We must do something to popularize blanknoise coz it is directly related with the goal that we have in mind.


See Bee said...

yes, i too agree with you nikhil, but at least this is a start. hopefully, blank noise will someday be active in every part of india, and maybe we can all do our bit to participate and help make this grow

ricky said...

Surely we can take active part in this project and bring a drastic change in the mindset of the people.Each one of us is responsible to make others aware of Blank Noise.Thus we can form a big chain across the country.Just you need to come forward.Yes,it is a start of this but my dear friends i want to let you know that my friend who is presently in Bihar,working for this project actively.So you could easily figure out that how effectily and fastly this project growing.We just need to sow the seeds in the youths,specially in women.

Joaquin said...

This is unreal. I can't believe that this is an accepted norm. I am sorry to the women that must put up with this. Shame on these men, were they not raised by their mothers?