After 19 years and 450 hearings, though convicted for molesting Ruchika, a 14 year old school girl and a tennis player, SPS Rathore is still smiling. The victim drank poison 16 years ago and killed herself, when she lost all hope for justice.

The victim instead of finding support and sympathy, finds herself being ostracised by a peer group that does not understand what’s happening.

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With her story now the focus of a national debate, Ruchika's friends and family want you to help in their fight for justice. For her death anniversary this year, they have launched an online campaign at joinaradhna4ruchika@gmail.com

"I feel that Ruchika is still alive in every girl who is being molested, and violence against women. I request you to join us ... . I am launching a fight against molesters and against this system, also for fight for justice for my friend Ruchika" says Aradhana Parkash Gupta, who, as a teen, witness Ruchika being molested by a senior police officer in Haryana. Since then, Aradhana and her father have led a campaign to ensure that the policeman, SS Rathore, pays for assaulting a 14-year-old and then harassing her family, driving her to commit suicide.

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Ramit Grover said...

Hi, I've already signed both the petitions and have put this up on my blog too. Now I'll just add the link of this post to my Ruchika post.

Anonymous said...

still authorities are going lineant on rathor. simply hue & cry is being made by the authorities 2 passify the opinion of the public because authorities are a party itself 2 the delay. if a simple complaint is lodged against a normal person, police personnel come running 2 take him into custody but here a FIR for a henious crime has come but no action is still out by police. shame on the face of authorities.

Anonymous said...

It's shocking how lightly molestation is taken in India. It seems a new law against sexual offences was conceived in 1997, along with the law to protect women at workplace against Sexual Harassment - after the Vishakha judgement. [http://www.ndtv.com/news/india/tough_new_law_against_sexual_offence.php?]

...now the Law Ministry has decided to set matters right with a radical new law.

The law:

* The Sexual Offences (Special Courts) Act 2003 will be introduced in the Budget Session of Parliament
* Under the proposed law investigations can begin without an FIR
* The police can act on a complaint, even make an arrest, without a warrant
* The accused can't walk free, can't even apply for anticipatory bail
* The government is bound to appoint a special prosecutor and not just any lawyer

"Laws like Sexual Offences (Special Courts) Act can fast track within six months or 1 year.

Baruah said...

The Ruchika molestation case is a shame to the entire justice system. Not only Rathore be punished, but also those who are involved and responsible for harassing Ruchika's family members and delaying the verdict should be brought to justice.