Check list: Sunday Dec 13

A big HELLO to all those attending the Blank Noise meet this Sunday!
Just a couple of things we would like you to take note of:
The meet will be on for 2 hours. The start and end time varies in different cities, so make sure to check your city's name and time before you head out.
To avoid confusion, you might want to get to your location 10 minutes prior to the meeting time. The meet will start on time and end on time.
We will be sending you a contact number for the city. In case of urgent situation, you can always reach us at 98868 40612.

Do get in touch with us asap
- if you would like to volunteer to take photos for the meet.
- if you would like to volunteer to take down minutes of the meeting.
- if you would like to write a summary/ report of the meeting

Blank Noise Team

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