What do you consider street sexual harassment?

3.passing remarks
6.making sexual gestures
10.physical assault/rape

___________ other


Anonymous said...

stalking, touching, groping and rape..

Anonymous said...

touching, groping and rape

Anonymous said...

touching, groping, rape ( with proof)

Anonymous said...

Well, Anonymous, whoever you are, you are the kind that proves all our outpourings on this site right. Providing an integrated picture of the monster who stalks all women through their lives. You must be one lonely, repressed soul to spend all your time responding to the postings on this site --getting your kicks as a cybervoyeur. Pity your mother to have had a child like you -- a lady who must have suffered all her life. Since we've already helped you a lot by allowing you to vent your kinks, do let us know if we can be of any help to your mother. We provide services for battered, abused women.

Anonymous said...

I don't know why my posting, the one above is showing as anonymous. Must have done something wrong. Just to clarify, my name is Meera.

Anonymous said...

All of the above. Any form of violation and and unwanted attention is harrasment. I would also add rubbing against the person to your list.

pradyot said...

Excuse me?! But "looking" is sexual harrasment? That too right at the top? #1? Are you freaking nuts? What am I supposed to do? Walk with my head down when I am on the streets so that even by accident I dont "look" at the women who is on the same footpath? And when I do that, and (because I am looking down and so dont see her coming) bang into her, you are gonna scream that I am "sexually harassing" women?

And dont even bother to call me an MCP or anything of that sort. I aint one. I agree that sexual harassment has no place in a civilised society, and my best friend is a girl so I know what women go through. But pray, by spreading all this awareness of the law (which in India is useless and without teeth), what exactly are you achieving? Do something practical like learning to defend yourself (nothing makes a point like physical pain combined with a little public humiliation).

While your intention to combat a social evil is laudable, I think this isnt gonna achieve anything. Nevertheless, I hope street sexual harassment stops!

Anonymous said...

Anything that bothers a person is harassment. But only 7 through 10 on this list could be criminal offenses (possibly #6 too, depending on the situation). The rest are just bad manners.

This is a good project. And I hope something good comes out of it. But please maintain the distinction between bad manners and crime. I have the right to behave badly, should I so choose.

Anonymous said...

Okay, that last sentence didn't come out as I had hoped :) Hopefully, you got the idea though. Bad manners should be discouraged but should not be punishable by law.

Progga said...

just plain looking at me, not at my boobs, or my ass or my crotch, not in any demeaning way: no

all the rest: YES YES YES

Anonymous said...

If passing remarks is bad manners, is there nothing to protect against people who keep walking by you, the length of Brigade road, making lewd comments and asking you to "go with him".

Sriram said...

Like Pradyot, I have an issue with 'looking' on the list too. I think a better definition is "something that makes the other person uncomfortable".

How do you figure out whether something makes the other person uncomfortable or not? That I don't have the answer to. However, I'm afraid that lots of guys will justify street harassment with "the girls like and want it".

Everything from 2-10 counts directly as street harassment IMHO.

The company I work for has a very simple policy when it comes to what is harassment and what isn't - we were told "don't do anything that makes the other person uncomfortable". I've never heard something more sensible.

- Sriram

phucker said...

As a male, I think all but #1 are harassment - well number 2 only in certain cases. There ARE women who like that. As for looking, bullshit. Sometimes, a person's attention wanders, while he may not be staring at your breastsm, his eyes may be in that vicinity. This is harassment? Bullshit.

Finny Forever said...

all. frigging all.

Sriram said...

This blog post talks about this too

J said...

yes i did check that out...sriram