WE WERE AT THE BUS STATION YESTERDAY. Opinion polls were created, pamphlets distributed.the opinion polls will be put up shortly. Posted by Picasa

participating group:
Akhila, Pallavi, Romal, Hemangini,Neeluka, Viraj, Amita, Devika, Suren, Ria, Girish.


  1. I support your movement totally. It would be great if it spreads to cities like Kolkata where the problem is increasing every day. Is there a button or something by which I can spread the message on my website?!

  2. Hey is it happening today.... please please... i want to join in... I am leaving to US soon and i would want to just see this happening b4 that;;;; please keep me posted

  3. Thank you,Jasmeen,for including my name in the participating group though I wasn't of much help that day. Wish to do more,to contribute more...don't know when. Hope you'll keep providing opportunities,will try to utilize them.Can mail me at blinkdreamz@hotmail.com.

  4. Anonymous12:01 pm

    There are few things I would like to say about your work "Jasmeen" :

    1. If you know you are right,
    just continue doing it as the
    saying goes:
    MOVING "

    2. Law is useless if its not used.
    Educate people about the
    provisions in the law. More
    importantly how to use them.

    3. The male psyche is quite
    ignorant about a women's honour
    related issues as their honour
    is directly related to career,
    money, physical strength etc.

    4. Man have never faced social
    ostracism on issues like rape,
    so if we ourselves donot
    sensitize our male childern
    at an appropriate age, we
    never would be able to achieve
    a society with healthy minds.

    if these make some sense, i have some more stuff to put up here!!

    All the comments are welcome at

  5. Anonymous12:22 pm

    dear laks
    will let you know when we decide to put the posters up at majestic
    it should be really soon...in 2-3 days
    make sure youre not in the us by then
    blinkdreamz? are u joiining in as well?

    see you people!


  6. Hi Jasmeen,I'm engaged on 23rd,24th and 30th July and also on 3rd Aug till 5.30 p.m. Other days,I'll be joining. Let me know the dates and timings.

  7. Great work guys. Am a visting Canadian but would like to contribute in any way that I can. Its so funny that people think that women aren't respected in Western socities. The funny thing is that when I am in Canada I walk straight and make eye contact with people. I feel safer and prouder of being a woman than when I am walking in the streets of Bangalore. I love India but the street harassment frustrates me.

  8. dear abhishek

    its happening in bangalroe for no other reason but the fact that I live here today. the project could happen in any other city as well, but it will take time...at the moment we cant replicate events...it has to be contextual.

    i know calcutta and do visit the city often. yes we could work somethng out there as well...just hold on to some time and keep in touch

    thanking you,

  9. hey everyone
    we will be putting posters of section 354 up at majestic on saturday july 6th.

    will announce it in a bit

  10. what time and where?

  11. just realised july 6th is gone,it's already august 6th!

  12. yes...bear with me for another 2 weeks.. I'l be back!!