hi everyone

Blank Noise is planning another public intervention/ performance in Bangalore on the 15th of July, 2005.

Please contact me if you would like to be a part of making this happen.

Looking forward to hearing from you,


email: blanknoise@gmail.com


  1. Ok, confirming. Me :-)

  2. akhila9:24 am

    I will be there too

  3. Hi, would love to help. Let me know what I can do. Email me
    at Kaajukatli AT gmail DOT com.

    Good work Jasmeen!

  4. I read about this blog in The Hindu yesterday. I read a few comments and arguements by the intellectuals here. Since I belong to the ordinary ignorant mass and don't understand these complicated arguements,I was wondering if I should visit the site of action on July 15th for some simpler enlightenment. May I? What time and where?

  5. Hi

    To all those interested in getting involved with the intervention at Majestic, here are some thoughts.

    It is not about a one day event at Majestic. We cannot insert ourselves in that space, we need to get the people of Majestic to become a part of this. This is not possible in one day, which is why we should spread it out over a period of four days to a week.

    Phase 1

    Friday, 15th July we will be distributing pamphlets. The pamphlets are in kannada and English. We will also be conducting opinion polls and taking interviews/ conversations.

    This should create dialogue in a non threatening way and get people involved.

    Phase 2
    Will emerge from the result of phase one. We could broadcast interviews? / plan a performance with the people there/ do something in buses.

    The first phase is clearly safe and we need to see how it goes.

    All those interested, please contact me latest by this evening.
    Looking forward,


  6. dear blinkdreamz

    do join us...dont just visit!!

  7. Hi Jasmeen,

    Thank you for the response.Though I fully understand the seriousness of the cause,I'm not confident of contributing much on the field as there is a lot for me to learn,I've never been involved in any such thing before.Moreover a thing well started may not always be well ended;I'd rather have a learning experience than a leading experience by witnessing the work you plan to do. So,may I visit?But I still don't see the time and exact location on the blog.

  8. we will start at 4 30 pm. it is the rush hour period. will confirm the location tomorrow morning