the site for the next intervention. majestic, bus stand area. (transit point) Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...


I came across your blog after reading abt it in the Hindu. Its a great initiative to curb eve teasing and I'm fully in support of it. But what I feel is ur targetting the wrong set of people. It's mostly the unemployed and lower end of the society that resort to street harrassment, the so called "machas".

If you look at the bigger picture, with the rapid westernisation of urban India and people from villages moving into bigger cities, these people have never seen this side of society and their lifestyles. So they will continue to stare atleast until and when the huge digital divide that exists in India is bridged. The day will come when women will not hafta wear salwar kameez on the beaches here.

Anonymous said...

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J said...


i dont think i have targetted any one type of category yet. which category do you think im targetting?

yes the so call " macchas" are commonly associated with street sexual harassment and that's a stereotype.

the non machas type, in cars, formal clothng are also as much part of the act.