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I would like to respond to Akash's comments made on July 14th. He seemed to have neglected to mention that no woman deserves to be belittled, disrespected, or teased no matter what she is wearing. Perhaps Akash got to the root of the eve teasing problem, but he did not bother to add the disclaimer that just because we know the root of a problem does not mean that the existence of the problem is justified. I was taken aback that he implied that the victims of street harassment brought it on themselves. Justice will never be served when the victim is blamed.
No matter what anyone wears, no what any woman seems to be "asking for", we must assume that all human beings we encounter are asking for the respect that we ourselves feel like we are entitled to. Furthermore, everyone has the duty not to be so small-minded as to decide the values, ethics, and affinities of others by how they look.

Stand up for your women,