To all those interested in getting involved with the intervention at Majestic, here are some thoughts.

It is not about a one day event at Majestic. We cannot insert ourselves in that space, we need to get the people of Majestic to become a part of this. This is not possible in one day, which is why we should spread it out over a period of four days to a week.

Phase 1
Friday, 15th July we will be distributing pamphlets. The pamphlets are in kannada and English. We will also be conducting opinion polls and taking interviews/ conversations.

This should create dialogue in a non threatening way and get people involved.

Phase 2
Will emerge from the result of phase one. We could broadcast interviews? / plan a performance with the people there/ do something in buses.

The first phase is clearly safe and we need to see how it goes.

All those interested, please contact me latest by this evening.
Looking forward,



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Anonymous said...

Hi Jasmeen,
Great work. Haven't come across anyone doing anything like this. This issue -- unlike more sensational ones -- needs to be talked about and I'm glad you're doing it. I'm sure you'll make a difference. All the best.
By the way, I noticed there's another 'Anonymous' creep posting all sorts of nonsense, elsewhere on this site. That isn't me! (Reminds me of a corollary to Murphy's Law: 'Murphy's Law was not proposed by Murphy, but another man of the same name.')
-D (M, 29)