Unwanted. Section 354 IPC

Section 354, IPC - Assault or criminal force to a woman with the intent to outrage her modesty - whoever assaults or uses criminal force to any woman, intending to outrage or knowing it to be likely that he will thereby outrage her modesty, shall be punished with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to two years, or with fine or both.
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J said...

we were at Majestic bus stand, building opinion polls and distributing pamphlets.
this guy had the audacity to violate me while taking a pamphlet from me.

Anonymous said...

The desire of the man is for the woman, but the desire of the woman is for the desire of the man.

-Madame de Stael, writer (1766-1817)

nothing said...

Hang on a sec,
In what sense was he violating you? If he had to take a pamphlet from you he could hardly do it blindfolded, could he? This is almost like a "sting operation": you walk upto someone to give one of your pamphlets and then post his picture as a "violator?"

kozz said...
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Anonymous said...

What pray did violation mean? The fact that he looked at you ??

J said...

dear kashapeya
this is not a 'sting operation.'

what do you understand when i say 'he violated me?'

most of us holding opinion poll boards, distributing pamphlets were 'felt up' by the persons we were interacting with at that time.

the scale was massive in terms of the public gathered there. We had to react tactfully so that we were accepted there.

got it???

Anonymous said...

Kashapeya , you need to be flogged...then you will probably feel violated. save it you mad bengali pansy....you are neither a women, nor have u been violated.....save it..!!!