15th July: Majestic Posted by Picasa

Majestic!! Majestic!!
15th July 5 pm- 8 pm

It was exciting, thrilling and real.
Interviews/ opinion polls and pamphlets
Many politically correct statements.
Some of us were felt up while we intervened, it was appalling. I took a photograph of one of the perpetrators. He pushed me when I took the camera out. (That explains the blurr).
Opinion polls are a non threatening form to get everyone to participate. There were times when the boys were putting their thumb impressions just for fun. It was revealing of the denial that street sexual harassment carried.

Akhila will be sharing some of her thoughts, experiences while doing the interviews.
Likewise people building opinion polls will bring in their perspective.


Anonymous said...

You have absolutely my full support. Nothing makes molestation even remotely acceptable, and certainly not women who "won't place the dupatta properly on the chest". Akash and his ilk make me fuming mad.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes. You have my full support, in spirit if nothing else.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jasmeen,
When is your next programme? I missed the last one because I was out of town... out of the country, in fact... and it convinced me that this talk of women wearing "provocative" clothes that lead to assault is all nonsense. East Asian women wear much more provocative clothes (by our standards), but they're safer on the streets.

Finny Forever said...

akash deserves to be molested by women for dropping his filthy pants in sucha public place as this blog.

Anonymous said...

Youll be interested in this:

J said...

hey there
will surely keep you posted on the coming of the next event
it wont be until the next 14 days atleast

until then
keep sending the clothes!1


Anonymous said...

Love your blog! I plan to bookmark it for future posts. pain in back of head

J said...

dear wild child

where are you located? do you have any ideas on how you could contribute?

as of now could you please start collectin g clothes and send them to the Blank Noise studio?