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The project does not intend to begin and end on Brigade Road....

The clothes you send in could be from anywhere in the world.

They could be any kind of clothes

" But I don't remember what I was wearing"

" It was completely normal"

Yes, that's precisely the point.

If you really really really don't want to send in thc clothes ( assuming from the earlier response) you could also send me a photo of yourself wearing it.

How ever the value of it would be in 'discarding off'' the memory by actually sending in your garment.

A frequently asked question is
" But what are you going to do with the garments?"

A: It would vary depending on the place it is 'installed' at.
In answer to the Saamna article, if the clothes were to be installed at a police station, they would appear like reports, and hence installed in that manner.

If on the streets, a place like brigade road, perhaps we could put them on mannequins?

I was hoping that the people sending in the clothes would share their ideas on how they would like the clothes to be installed.

Looking forward to hearing from you

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Anonymous said...

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