an ongoing project: 'DID YOU ASK FOR IT'........."DID YOU ASK FOR IT? ” When attacked on the streets the first thing we look at is our clothing. We question if we ‘provoked’ or ‘asked to be made victim’. The garment worn at that point of time contains a memory and is witness to an experience thus becoming a testimony."

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SherlockSridhar said...


The Blank Noise Project of yours, especially the Did you ask for it campaign is a real eye-opener. I am a guy and personally feel the concept of being "teased" personally revolting.

I feel that tolerance of this menace by victims as well as witnesses is part of our the mindset of our society. We do not want to get involved. Period. Any accident/someone is in trouble - "Who will come if that guy brings 10 of his friends tomorrow?" , "Give witness to the Police? You must be out of your mind! Who wants to run around Police stations?" , "This is all harmless fun yaar. They will outgrow them".

With Attitudes like these, it is not surprising that people get away with it.

As to the question that many girls ask these perpetrators,"Ghar mein Ma behen nahi hai kya?", the answer is simple - Ma-Behen and you are different. You are not my behen, are you?

Looking towards someone for help will not work out. Its time girls volunteered to help each other. Crowds give anonymity. Gang up, 20 of you, and beat up that guy. I can assure you that no friend of his would interfere!

It is necessary for females to understand that "equality" doesn't only mean equal opportunities, but to stand on an equal footing. That means taking matters into your own hands and not wait for some "Knight in shining armor" to come help you. Those kind of things happen only in Mills and Boon Novels.