walking down brigade road

this photo was taken by mukund: on brigade road whil. I was walking around and he was documenting me.
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  1. Anonymous8:14 pm

    What does this mean??

  2. i think his eyes are looking at the camera.......cheers

  3. Anonymous8:54 pm

    You need to see a psychiatrist dear.

  4. Anonymous12:38 pm

    "Anonymous said...
    You need to see a psychiatrist dear."

    and if a guy reaches for his mobile? is he really reaching for it or is he touching him self??? wooo the mystery... what a load of crap this blog is....

  5. Anonymous6:39 pm

    One of my friends got her butt grabbed by a cycle guy, who tried to drive away... She swore, grabbed his cycle, kicked it down, took the cycle and pushed it aside... There were people on the road that took care of the rest. THAT is eve teasing, and considering that most eve teasing happens in public places by petty loafers, it is really easy for any gil to act this way....

    However, You choose not to act when it happens, and instead, post pictures of guys looking in a certain direction. :O

    I am sorry to say that you are undermining the cause of people who *REALLY* get assaulted, by uploading pics like this one, and in general, behaving in a manner that suggests all men are out to rape you. More and more people are beginning to think all feminists are psychos, undermining the REAL problems women face every day.