Pledge Bank from various Action Heroes

Edited and added by Annie Zaidi and Pallavi Sen

Imagine an ideal city. 
Please dream with urgency.
Pledge to make it real
Pledge it

I pledge to stay outraged. to not forget a few months later. to follow this through #SafeCityPledge

I pledge to be visible in my city #SafeCityPledge

I pledge to walk alone #SafeCityPledge

I pledge to walk slow #SafeCityPledge

I pledge to laugh out loud on the streets. Unlearn warning. My city. 

I pledge to be an Action Hero #SafeCityPledge

I pledge to not be a mute bystander. To intervene. To change the scene. #SafeCityPledge

I pledge to look straight in the eyes of a person who thinks staring at me is his/her right. #SafeCityPledge

I pledge to stare back #SafeCityPledge

I pledge to NEVER give my daughter a malnourished oversexed Barbie, and NEVER to give my son a gun to play with. #SafeCityPledge

I pledge to not give my children sexist toys #SafeCityPledge

I pledge to not play out old stereotypes of the Indian Woman being coy. When I say NO, it means NO. #SafeCityPledge

I pledge to break stereotypes of the “coy” Indian woman #SafeCityPledge

I pledge to argue with any man or woman who thinks street harassment is a casual joke. #SafeCityPledge

I pledge to not argue against sexual harassment jokes #SafeCityPledge

I pledge to fight for my space - to walk freely under the sun and the stars and not be afraid. #SafeCityPledge

I pledge to believe in my space in my city. #SafeCityPledge

I pledge to reclaim my space in public places #SafeCityPledge

I pledge never to cheer a movie where the hero has to sexually harass the heroine to get her consent. #SafeCityPledge

I pledge to NEVER call a rape survivor a “living corpse”: they are LIVING, BREATHING people with a FUTURE! #SafeCityPledge

I pledge to never call a rape survivor a living corpse #SafeCityPledge

I pledge to walk short distances for my errands and not hop into to the rickshaw or cab. #SafeCityPledge

I pledge to use public transport #SafeCityPledge

I pledge to not look down or pretend to be busy while standing alone in a public place. #SafeCityPledge

I pledge to not pretend to look busy when alone in a public place #SafeCityPledge

I pledge to talk openly about sexual harassment and not be ashamed and afraid of judgment.  #SafeCityPledge

I pledge to talk openly about sexual harassment #SafeCityPledge

I pledge to not be afraid of being judged #SafeCityPledge

I pledge to loiter in public spaces and take up outdoor sports like running, jogging, beach volleyball or walking. #SafeCityPledge

I pledge to take up outdoor sports #SafeCityPledge

I pledge to jog on my city’s streets #SafeCityPledge

I pledge to keep taking the regular bus and demanding more fleets that are not as expensive as the ac Volvos. #SafeCityPledge

I pledge to get proper street lights near Bannerghatta Road. #SafeCityPledge

I pledge to fight for adequate lights on my city’s streets #SafeCityPledge

I pledge to do what I have to do, when I have to, with whom I have to. I pledge to turn my anger into constructive action. #SafeCityPledge

I pledge to turn my anger into constructive action #SafeCityPledge

I pledge to not listen when someone asks me to 'face reality'. I'll slap it. #SafeCityPledge

I pledge to counsel parents . Starting with mine. #SafeCityPledge

I pledge not to blame a rape survivor. No matter who/where/what she is. #SafeCityPledge

I pledge never to blame a rape survivor #SafeCityPledge

I pledge to never blame myself. For whatever I may have faced, no matter how "painted", "dented" or "sundari" I was. #SafeCityPledge

I pledge to be dented, painted and never blame myself for “asking for it” #SafeCityPledge

I pledge to refuse to fill up any kind of application(other) form that asks you for your father/husband's name. #SafeCityPledge

I pledge to walk alone #SafeCityPledge

I pledge to keep my head held high in public #SafeCityPledge

I pledge to speak up against harassment #SafeCityPledge

I pledge to reclaim my city #SafeCityPledge

I pledge to fight for my safety #SafeCityPledge

I pledge to make my city safer through small actions #SafeCityPledge

I pledge to go towards whatever interests me as I walk through my city #SafeCityPledge

I pledge to be seen so my city can get used to me and my freedom #SafeCityPledge

In our family, I pledge to change how we sit for dinner. No father or brother is automatically our leader and head. #SafeCityPledge

I pledge to never instill shame in children, regarding their genitalia. It's not CHHEE. #SafeCityPledge

I pledge to take offense and I pledge to interfere. I will not 'chill' or 'relax' #SafeCityPledge

I pledge to speak about both my families and not just my father's, when asked where I am from. #SafeCityPledge

I pledge to walk in a manner that I like, not afraid of what anyone will say #SafeCityPledge

I pledge to question, whatever the consequence #SafeCityPledge

I pledge to stop using my father or husband's name in my name. Especially when that is not my name.

I pledge that in my own intimate relationships, I will always be vocal about what hurts, what is too much and when to stop.  #SafeCityPledge

I pledge to NEVER do something because that is what a woman does. I am my own precedent. I create my expectations. #SafeCityPledge

I pledge to stand by my own standards for myself and not 'how it IS'. #SafeCityPledge

I pledge to sit anywhere and not just where I see women. I can ask for my share of space from anyone.

I pledge to never stay silent when I know what is being said is wrong and hurts the freedom of women. In my family and outside. #SafeCityPledge

I pledge to disagree and voice it even if the sexist remark is from a grandparent or elderly. No one is too old to understand. #SafeCityPledge

I pledge to explain my vagina and explain the pain, when someone dares to suggest that perhaps while relaxing as I am raped, I could come out of it alive.  #SafeCityPledge

I pledge to talk openly about my body- breast. butt. vagina. no shame. my body. safe city pledge #SafeCityPledge

I pledge to look men in the eye #SafeCityPledge

I pledge to never pass comments on people's bodies and object when others do. Moti, gori, kaali are not people. #SafeCityPledge

I pledge to talk to my boyfriend about how he looks at women.  #SafeCityPledge

I pledge to always interfere when I see that someone is feeling threatened. #SafeCityPledge

I pledge to have a conversation (if I can) with any man who harasses me and ask if why he said that. 

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