Safe City Pledge . 4 30 pm . Jan 1

Kolkata Safe City Pledge
Shantiniketan Safe City Pledge

Hyderabad Safe City Pledge photo credit Action HerSharada 

 Safe City Pledge Goa . Action Hero Shivangini Tandon

Delhi Safe City Pledge. photo credit Anubhav Pradhan

                                             Action Heroes #SafeCityPledge Mumbai. photo credit Elise 


Action Heroes #SafeCityPledge Bangalore photo- Apurva Mathad

Action Heroes #SafeCityPledge Chandigarh with Rubina Singh also Hollaback Chandigarh

#SafeCityPledge Lucknow with Jyotsna Kaur

Pune Safe City Pledge with Devika Shetty and Open Space

#SafeCityPledge with Trishima Mitra Kahn Australia

Shantiniketan Safe City Pledge with Arpeeta Ghosh +

Organized supported by citizens we call Action Heroes, organizations, collectives. Taking collective ownership of the issue. Safe City Pledge.
Chennai #SafeCityPledge with Aparna Singh
Goa #SafeCityPledge
Goa #SafeCityPledge

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