26th January. Republic Day. Make it yours. Ours.

symbol designed by Peter Griffin

Dear Citizens/ Action Heroes in Kolkata + Delhi

You are invited to Republic Day meet at Allen Park (Park Street/ Camac Street cross)
You are encouraged to examine, interpret, accept, claim, assert the notion of citizenship

We will be doing the following:
1. interpreting the Justice Verma report
2. discussing the notion of citizenship for women
3. creating #SafeCityPledge placards on learning to be a citizen.

To being autonomous women. To making Republic Day our own
Bring a fellow citizen along. Male/ Female/ Differently Gendered.
Time : 3 - 5 pm


In Delhi  the "Freedom Parade

Time 2 - 5 :30 pm

Mandi House to Jantar Mantar


In solidarity.

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