In the wake of the #DelhiGangRape what do YOU as citizen pledge to make your city safe? 
Dont just be angry. make a pledge. a promise to how you can make change. you can. #SafeCityPledge #DelhiGangRape
1. Build it. Add your pledge to the comments below
2. Tweet pledge with #DelhiGangRape #SafeCityPledge
3. Change your status update " I pledge to _ _ #SafeCityPledge

Pledge Karo. Do it. What will you pledge to make ur city safe 

I PLEDGE to NOT to tell my daughter/ mum/ sister/ girls "Be Safe" . Instead- go out. Be Visible. Be an Action Hero #SafeCityPledge

I PLEDGE to Walk Alone. Unlearn Fear.  #DelhiGangRape

I PLEDGE to be visible in my city. Unlearn Fear.  #DelhiGangRape

I PLEDGE to not tell my daughter/ wife/ sister/ girls to "be safe" #DelhiGangRape

I PLEDGE to not be indifferent to 'eve-teasing'. Sexual Violence. To never be 'okay with it'  #DelhiGangRape

I Pledge to work directly with men and mascunilities.  #DelhiGangRape

Want to pledge that I'll file an FIR for sexual violence but need the police  and state to pledge fast track + immediacy 

I pledge to remind ourselves - rape + streetharassment concerns male behaviour. It's NOT 'just a woman's issue' #DelhiGangRape #SafeCityPledge

Action Heroes pledge on FB and twitter  

@Divya Parthasarathy I Pledge to get out the Moralistic Stands against rape victims #SafeCityPledge

@margaret Mascarenhas I pledge to keep teaching art and poetry in a jail where several of my all-male students are incarcerated for rape. #SafeCityPledge

will keep on reclaiming my rightful public space & instigate others to do the same. Let the fire spread. :) 

@Vandana Mohanraj pledge that there will be day when a woman does not have to fear rape when she goes through normal day to day activities in her life like,getting into an auto,taking a bus at night and having cars pass by her on a lonely road.

@BDUTT you have my pledge #SafeCityPledge

I am not sure if a pledge on face book works but I will continue to speak up and do whatever is needed fearlessly to address sexual harassment of women in public or private places

Whitney Russell to say rape/assault/battery/harassment when that's what I mean and not misbehaving/trying his luck/teasing etc when that is not accurate
I Pledge to reach out to my neighbours and people in the locality. Making them less unknown would make me feel safe. #SafeCityPledge

 I pledge to battle that fear, if not unlearn it altogether!

Abhishek Bahadur I pledge that I will stand up to every man who dares to misbehave with a woman. I pledge to do everything I can even in a situation where I may be outnumbered by contacting authorities etc. I pledge to correct people who use words like slut and bitch in a very casual way. I pledge to look out for women beyond my sister, mother, friend, girl friend etc. Much strength to the ladies. Us sane Delhi really look up to you and appreciate your courage and resolve.

Sue Henderson I pledge to continue to speak out against men who try to harass me, but also to be more aware of what's going on around me, to look out for other women or children who may be in difficulties and need my support.

अमृता आनंद I pledge to argue with every known men who thinks street harassment is a casual joke. will keep on reclaiming my rightful public space & instigate others to do the same. Let the fire spread.

Holly Kearl I LOVE this. I'm sick of people telling women not to go places b/c we might be assaulted by men. It's our right to be everywhere and anywhere! 
I pledge to go for a run after dark this week even though I've always been told not to do that.

Piyush Modak I pledge to replace the term "eve-teasing" with sexual assault #SafeCityPledge

Javed Rahat I pledge i will take up all cases of rape victims  survivors free of cost and never ask to defend any accused in any court of india i myself created such example when I declined to defend an accused who was accused of rape a 5 year girl

Uttam Arora I pledge to be seen #SafeCityPledge

Aarthi Ajit I pledge to be seen for who I am.

Madhurya Iyer I pledge to believe in my power. as a woman and all the things it encompasses and fight to not have that power taken away from me or any other woman.

Avni Chinoy I pledge to not remain silent out of fear when provoked.

Beulah Kolhatkar I pledge to continue to teach Health and Social Justice to school and college students for the rest of my life. I believe that the Indian Educational systems/curricula have done a stunningly lousy job in teaching young people "Gender Equality", Anatomy, the Psycho social aspects of HIV/AIDS, about marriage or how to bring up their own children someday. The lack of caring and respect in the home space for girls/women is well learnt by the boys/men and reinforced by their mothers and fathers!! I have always walked alone and I have taught my daughter and son to do the same I have always been deeply grateful to my parents for helping me grow a spine and walk tall.

Simi Sherin I pledge to remain alert and careful, still raise vows against the incidences against women even if the hype dies down #SafeCityPledge # DelhiGangRape

Ipso Facto Sengupta I pledge to argue with/oppose whoever passes sexist remarks.

Shweta Taneja I pledge to fight for my space - to walk freely under the sun and the stars and not be afraid. #SafeCityPledge

And for once, there was no pain
Engulfing her in the darkness
They won, and they rejoiced
Her agony slowly withered away
The angry voices grew more distant
Taking refuge from the horrors of the past
Succumbing to death, she lived
They do not feel shame, we do
We Shout, We Cry, We Yell
They ignited the fire within
We feel helpless, we complain
But we won’t let them live to see another day
They will cease to exist
And for once, there will be no pain

(Fatima Shahzad)
Udita Sharma I pledge to raise my voice now and always for any woman who has been sexually assaulted.
Shivangini Tandon I Pledge to laugh, sing, dance, talk loudly and say hello to strangers whenever I am out with my girlfriends. #SafeCityPledge
Shoot At Sight I pledge to NOT tell the women I know to be careful, cover up, avoid certain areas, make eye contact ALWAYS. Scream out loud and reclaim public spaces. Be an Action Hero #SafeCityPledge

Di Bundy I pledge to tell my grand daughters the truth, that its a man's world but you just get out there and rock it my babies!! BE SAFE BE SEEN!!!
Trishima Mitra-Kahn I pledge to acknowledge my real and palpable fear but to not let that scare me. #SafeCityPledge

Shilo Shiv Suleman I pledge to NEVER give my daughter a malnourished oversexed barbie doll, and NEVER give my son a gun to play with. #Safecitypledge

Shilo Shiv Suleman I pledge to not just focus on my anger, but also small solutions within my community, open discussions about sexuality and gender roles, discuss sexuality, violence and cultural conditioning with friends and family.

Shilo Shiv Suleman I pledge to not play out old stereotypes of the Indian Woman having to be Coy and "too shy to know what they want". When I say YES, it means yes. When I say NO. It means NO.
Sabika Muzaffar I pledge to counsel parents. Starting with mine. How is telling your daughters to stay at home after dark, in the 'light' of the recent rape case, preventive or corrective measure? If at all, parents should be putting curfews on their sons. What exactly will come out of jailing the victim, I never seem to understand, i.e., apart from re-enforcing the stereotype that rape can be curbed if women do not step out on the roads after dark. I don't think I have ever felt threatened in the presence of a lot of women or at the sight of a group of women approaching me. For that matter, I have always gotten permission to be out at night more readily if I am hanging out with a bunch of my girlfriends. I assume my presence on the roads of Delhi is only going to comfort other women. Encourage them to feel safe, the same way I feel encouraged by the presence of other women. This is a plea to all women to start with protesting against your parents. To come out of the dark by coming out and facing the dark. I think we should be holding all-night protests and instead of holding them at touristy places such as India Gate and Jantar Mantar, we should be gathered in huge numbers at secluded places, places where there are no streetlights, so that we draw attention to the lack of proper amenities rather than to us and our catchy slogans/ catchphrases.

Sabika Muzaffar I pledge to insist on being frisked outside of those useless cubicles at metro stations, malls, etc. meant only for frisking women. How are those any different from the veil or the burqa? I refuse to hide my body behind anything that has specifically been designed to 'protect' me from the male gaze. Teach the male to lower his gaze instead, because I refuse to be protected. What I need is to be empowered, in a manner that I wouldn't ever need protection. And till the time I do not believe that the female body, like the male body is understood to be, is just a body; till the time I do not refuse the special status/ attention my body is given just because I happen to be a female, I myself am making no significant effort to protest being seen as an object of desire. So, in the name of equality, I refuse to be frisked in separate enclosures meant only for women.
Sowmiya Kalyanaraman I pledge that I will go out there with the freedom and space that is already mine and not for anyone else to grant to me. I pledge to keep myself prepared with some self defense techniques.
Snehal Biswas I pledge I will try to be in my senses, since it has been claimed that we men are far too easy provoked by a woman's clothing. That we are very vulnerable to female pheromones. That in a rush of testosterone, we forget the difference between good and evil. That we can turn from man to demon in a matter of minutes. All it takes is a female presence. I pray to the Almighty to give me the strength to be human.
Nisha Ambika I pledge that I will walk tall and will not be afraid while walking on the streets. I pledge that I will own my city and claim my space.
Rana Issa I pledge to keep walking, to teach my daughter to keep walking, and to tell my friends why I am not afraid to keep walking
Deepthi Vinod I pledge to get proper street lights near bannerghatta road,this makes it easy for women to travel and also it will make the streets bright and that way the looners around the corner cannot hide in darkness.
Priyanka Majumdar I pledge to tell girls and women i know, don't stop questioning gender roles, alpha male attitudes. go out, spread the message to friends and women u know. sensitisation can begin at any age. it doesn't matter when u start as long as u do. and yeah, move, travel, be public.
Vaijayantee Bhattacharya I pledge to raise my voice against any injustice against any human being doled out and do every bit that I can in my capacity. I also pledge to bring up my son in a way that he respects women and is sensitive to their pain and suffering.
Annie Zaidi I pledge to smack down every sexist argument that tries to shift blame for sexual violence onto the victim.
Momoko Shimizu I pledge to believe in our power to change ourselves. Be conscious on what shapes our behaviors and stay outraged. #SafeCityPledge
Nandini Arora I pledge not to allow even my friends or family members to speak of the issue of sexual harassment and rape in a light vein. EVER. even if it earns me wrath, disgust, irritation OR any thing at all from those people. I also pledge to understand my own self the rape culture and speak abut it to people...
Sunayana Roy I pledge to speak up every time somebody tells me 'she asked for it'. I pledge to do this no matter what it costs me. #SafeCityPledge

 I say, pledge to speak out and act against sexism and misogyny in art. #SafeCityPledge

 I pledge to wear red lipstick. I pledge to wear chiffon sarees without thinking of whether it attracts too much attention. 

I pledge to continue talking to strangers. I will NOT treat all male strangers as a threat (Dilli Police, u listening?) 

I pledge to seek adventure & peace & solitude & fun. I pledge not to allow fear run my life. What's your  for the new year?

 I pledge to keep taking the regular bus and insisting on more fleets that are not as expensive as the ac volvos. 

Can't find any other way to show my support.. Keep up the good fight guys  

I pledge to do what I have to do, when and with whom I have to, and turn my anger into constructive action. 

 Men should be scared to commit crimes like rape & women should not be scared to walk alone anywhere anytime!

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Jayati Mathur
I pledge if i see any one staring or troubling any women walking on the roads- ussey chappal sey maarungi!!! No police no court.... Bloody men shud walk with there eyes down one day...hit them even if they look at u!!!!!