Y E S ! LOVE Kavita Krishnan.

"Women have every right to be adventurous. We will be adventurous. We will be reckless. We will be rash. We will do nothing to produce safety for ourselves. Don't you dare tell us what to wear. Don't tell us what time of the day or night we may be out or how many escorts we need." --Kavita Krishnan, AIPWA secretary, at protest outside Sheila Dixit's residence.

#DelhiGangRape #SafeCityPledge

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Unknown said...

Hello Blank Noise project members!

Let's fight together! Please sign the petition and share it with your friends and relatives.


I'm sorry I didn't know how else i could share the petition. I hope many people will see my comment and sign. Since I'm not living in India i'm not able to physically participate in demonstrations! But my thoughts and support are with you! I wanted to contribute and hence i came with a petition! Thank you for signing and sharing it!