Step by Step Plan For Jan 1 #SafeCityPledge

(image from a protest in Delhi #DelhiGangRape)


City + Location

Bangalore: Cubbon Park MG Road ( near Victoria statue)
contact Action Hero Swar Thounaojam 9632506195 . Dev Sukumar. Apurva Mathad- 9845209600

Delhi: Central Park. CP
contact Action Hero Anubhav Pradhan 9999105003  Prasheila

Jaipur  : Gaurav Towers, Malviya Nagar
Vivek Kakkar and Pravah

Lucknow : GPO Hazratganj 
Jyotsna Habibullah 9005575999 / Siddarth Mukund Srivastava

Kolkata: Maidan (near fountain)
contact Priyadarshini Dey . Saptarshi . Dana. Insiya .

Shantiniketan: Bolpur High School, Sri Niketan road

contact Arpeeta Ghosh

Mumbai: Carter Road

Urvashi. Annie. Peter

Goa: Miramar Beach. Near Coffee Day
Shivangini Tandon. Margaret Mascarenhas, Shilo Shiv Suleman

Chandigarh: Sukhna Lane
Hollaback Chandigarh Action Hero Rubina Singh

Chennai: Elliot Beach

Pune : Law College Road

contact Action Hero Devika 9850884349 with Open Space Pune

Hyderabad:  GVK One, Road #1, Banjara Hills. (Near the Hard Rock Cafe Entry gate)
contact Action Hero Sharada @suitcaseindian. 

The Pledge Bank will be updated here in the next few hours.Pledge is a combination of pledges you've sent in and some facilitated by Action Heroes in-house Annie Zaidi , Pallavi Sen.

These pledges can be written on the placard that you bring along to the #SafeCityPledge in your city

You can carry your own pledges of course- that's the point. The pledge bank shared on the blog is to gently nudge us in the direction. You can write your own pledge on an A4 size paper/ a chart paper. it's upto you. You can even print it out. Please make the pledges in both english and the language spoken in your city 
( hindi. kannada. bangla. marathi. gujarati - )

Report to duty at the location as specified at sharp 4 30 pm.
Come alone. Bring a friend/ your organisation/ collective/ family/ everyone around you.
Doesn't matter if we are 5 or 500.  Make the pledge even if it's just you.

4 30 - 5: 00 pm  Stand with your pledge. Face the street. The passersby.
5:00 - 5 : 30 pm - Walk slowly as a group with your pledge.
5: 30 - 6 : 00 pm - one by one Read your pledge aloud.

Guideline :

1. Come painted. Dented. Celebrated 
2. Bring your placard. There will be extra placards but it would be great to have passersby involved and carrying the placard too
3. When you hold your SafeCityPledge on the placard- make eye contact with passersby. stand tall. arched back. ( Action Hero Manifesto)
Any other faq? Please email in blurtblanknoise at gmail

Start the new year with a promise to make your city safe.
Imagine your city. Dream It. Pledge it


Unknown said...

Lucknow, GPO Hazratganj
Jyotsna Habibullah 9005575999

Franklin Joseph said...

Hi I have contacted you many times but have not got any response. I am Franklin Joseph, a social entrepreneur who wants to conduct a Power to Women Safety Empowerment workshop with Blank Noise in Bangalore. Contact me at 9886769281