ilona granet

I was recently introduced to the works of Ilona Granet, a New York based artist, who started her career as a sign painter.

Granet is still working in the streets, trying to make them more tolerable for women. In 1986 she became infamous for her Emily Post Street Signs, "regulations" for etiquette in public places. The injunctions are written in English and Spanish: "No cat calls, whistling and kissing noises" or "Curb your animal instincts."


a correspondent said...

What happened on 15th April? Did all go as expected?

J said...


Shilpa Bhatnagar said...

Needed to bring THIS to your notice.

a correspondent said...

So exactly what happened? What was the nature of the stret intervention? Please post something about it - the idea of a campaign blog is that not only do you canvass for your cause, but report assidiously on the progress too!

We at dancewithshadows are waiting to see how you guys go ahead with this - and looking for a way to chip in some way that makes a difference - so your updates mean a lot.

chinmayee said...

@shilpa - that's very shocking.

@dancewithshadows - come to one of our meetings, please. it would give you a better idea of how you can chip in and make a difference. if you lot are in mumbai, we meet on saturday at carter road at 5.30

Anonymous said...

i liked it.. wish we could something of this type on society awareness in hyderabad

mail me.. muskyicfai@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

hello jasmine,
Gayathri here from chennai. i do not understand what this picture is trying to convey ?
have you ever heard of a male dog raping a female dog ? a male cat molesting a female cat ? NO
because they respect the female of their own species. unlike human men who commit crimes like rape and find disgusting ways to justify it. i have never heard of an animal ( like the one shown in the picture- with a tail, horns etc) raping or commiting crimes against their own. please all non human animals are innocent. they are a lot better than our species... i do not approve of this picture. i feel it was very insensitive of whoever it was to have put up something like this.
it is ok if u dont put this on the blog. but please i would like a reply
thank you

J said...

dear gayathri

the image above clearly shows a man in control holding or pulling back another man who's turned BEAST....and is out of control

i dont get your point...do re visit the sign.


Anonymous said...

dear jasmeen,
i am trying to say that you are insulting animals by comparing them to male humans who have lost control over themselves. like i said animals never rape or molest. why show them in poor light by showing a man as an animal who has lost control? have you ever heard of animals unable to control their desires and try satisfying it by raping their kind ? i do not understand why you drag animals into this ?
i dont even agree with the term "animal instinct" i have never seen animals act "beastly" as you call it. only humans are beastly and barbaric and commit crimes. the ones with horns and tails( as seen in the image ) are really innocent. i do not agree with the stereotyped image of a beast that has been hardwired into all of us- horns, tail! the real beasts around are humans. please look around- we are destroying all other species, the planet and our own species too. which non human animal does that ? do you get my point ? i do not know if you understand what i am trying to say ! all i am trying to say is i strongly disapprove of what this image is trying to convey.
please reply and clarify

Blinkdreamz said...

haha,somewhere Gayathri has a point. anyways,those're all trivial issues. the accepted perception of a beast is that it's savagely,and unrestrained sexual instincts are considered animalistic instincts. for example,you see male species of animals trying to mate female species when they're in the heat,they're very unruly and out of control! that's what the pic advises men not to be and control their sexual instincts. Gayathri has read a little too much between the lines,i understand she's an animal lover :) and doesn't want to insult them,but then,how'd the picture look if the beast is replaced by a man and a dog trying to pull him back ?!

Anonymous said...

You need to spend some time and understand the point Gayathri is making.

As you expect people to come around to support your project, so to should you'll be sensitive to anothers.

If you cannot change your stereotyping of an animal into a "beast" how do you expect someone else to change their stereotyping of a person as "available"

Blinkdreamz response is on a different plane the same as “Why else would you come to brigade road?”

J said...
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Blinkdreamz said...

either mr/ms 'anonymous' hasn't understood my comment OR 'why else would you come to brigade road?'...else he/she wouldn't be equating the two. now,i can't be expected to react to those who don't understand my language... definitely not anymore! i'll react only if it makes some sense.

Anonymous said...

This is stupid. Never will you see a sign that says "Control your urge to bitch." Guys are only 89% of rapers, but when a woman rapes, it is classified as "Sexual Assault", a much lesser punishment for the same crime.

Dating Rulebook said...

The injunctions are written in English and Spanish: "No cat calls, whistling and kissing noises" or "Curb your animal instincts.