Mumbai - Meeting/ intervention

Thank you – Rajvi, Deepa, Shruti, Maya, Pallavi, Shriya and Tejus – for attending the Mumbai meet. It was great to get a heterogeneous group of people who brought in different perspectives and ideas. Wonderfully lively discussion and so much enthusiasm to get things done. Very heartening, indeed!

Coming up in Mumbai – an intervention within the next week. We’re in the process of working out details so if you want to be a part of it, please email blurtblanknoise@gmail.com with Mumbai/intervention as the subject line.

We would love to have as many on board as possible.


  1. ...modesty is not measured in metres...

    yesterdays meeting was brilliant and i was very happy to meet so many amazing people.

    what size should the placard be??
    and umm can the LOOKING be in red?

  2. is this a project meant in the Metros???
    what abt ppl like us in the smaller cities?

  3. abhishek, please mail us at blurtblanknoise@gmail.com with your city as the subject line. there are already some groups working in smaller cities. if you're in one of them, we'll get you involved. and if not, maybe you can start something up! mail us, please.

  4. oops, I had no idea... will keep track of meetings future...

  5. can i dare to enter in ur environment

  6. can i dare to enter in ur environment