Calling 30 women in Bangalore!/ MEET UP ON TUESDAY EVENING!

“Sometimes we just love to walk, stand around, hang around, without looking ‘avaliable’.”

Calling 30 women to participate in this street intervention. This idea is really simple but we need numbers to make this work.

The plan: 30 or more women get onto the street and through a very simple act, we transform the nature of the place.

  • Location: brigade road, bangalore
  • Date: not fixed- by april 15th.
  • Time spent doing the intervention: 2 hours.

To participate email us at blurtblanknoise@gmail.com subject titled ‘intervention’ and we will add you on our participating list!

(Ps: we are not an all woman group, this intervention however needs 30 women.

his intervention is not Bangalore specific either, however it is starting here!)

the 30 women team currently includes: Soumya, Poonam D, Pallavi C, Chitra B, Rupa S, Nandini, Arpita, Sanhita, Alka, Ratna, Aditi, Jayalakshmi....



Unknown said...

What exactly is the plan if i may ask? and what sort of time you'd require of each participant?

Anonymous said...

>through a very simple act

hmm. I wonder.

More details please.

a correspondent said...

Yes, exactly how do you propose to do this? Transforming the nature of a place is too big a call...? Perhaps not - please explain.

J said...

yoo hoo!

we have 9 participants already!

waiting for 21 more!

J said...

Hi perspective

the immediate plan is to meet at the Blank Noise studio at half past 5 on saturday.

do email me for further details.

wouldnt want to give away the performance yet, would i? then whats the fun?? right?

J said...

about time: we need 2 hours of performance time. and about 2 intense hours of pre performance time...that is relative...we must meet first

Anonymous said...

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Check it out at http://imaginingourselves.imow.org/pb/Story.aspx?id=410&lang=1

Unknown said...


I wonder what you ladies at blank noise project think about the new Coco-cola
advertisement that promotes eve-teasing as a harmless activity ?

chinmayee said...

hi. personally, i don't think the ad promotes eve-teasing in the least. here's why.

aishwarya doesn't walk away. she doesn't ignore. she turns around and gives it back to the men but in this cheeky manner so she's also teasing. but she gets the point across. it's got humour, it's got attitude and at the end of it, she's established her point. don't whistle at me or anyone else. i hardly think she's giving them tips on whistles so they can implement them. she's doing that to make them feel a bit ashamed and judging from the men's expressions, they do.

it may not be the best way to counter eve-teasing but i don't think it promotes it. why do you think it does?

a correspondent said...

I take objection to that. The ad is not deliberately promoting eve teasing, but it is trying to deal with it humorously. Nothing harmful. That precisely is the excuse for many who eve-tease - and I include some of my erstwhile collegemates in that.

This is the trap. Lets imagine the scene in real life. How comfortable would it be?

Aishwarya doesn't walk away. So? Is that the appropriate response to eve-teasing? There are a large percentage of people who cannot give it back. The state and the sense of decency is what should be there in a liberal society to protect the meek - not the strong who can give it back.

Over the top example - say someone piches your butt. You would be able to slap him, provided you have the courage. That settles it? Grab his balls back. That settles it? That settles NOTHING. The whistling is only a matter of degrees lesser offensive than that butt-grab. Oh it is an excellent reaction, provided the offense has already happened. However, being capable of a reaction is nto solving the problem - it exists very much, and will come back to attack Aishwarya's little pipsqueak sister tomorrow.

Yes, you can have attitude and humor after the deed is done. great, smart women of today. That doesn't solve the problem for those whom it really is a problem. She has hardly established her point, and given the high intellectual standards of our eve teasers, I don't think that's the way its taken by the mawaali bunch anyway. Anyway its when something goes bad that its an issue, the situation depicted in the ad can go bad easily in real life.

Let me give you another example. Women are harassed, and incidents of minor eve teasing to serious harassment occur on the day of Holi. ON THE STREETS.

Now let us get this clear. A street is a public place, and we have a right to walk there without getting drenched by water. festival or not, nobody but nobody can encroach on that.

But they do. And what is the excuse women tell us? Oh, smart women don't go out on that day anyway. And if someone throws water on you, come on, understand the sense of the occasion na.. don't be a sourpuss.

Let me say this again. There are many women who can and do hit back and sometimes even more strongly. That is a minor issue - and that cannot justify an encroachment into your private space. Holi or whistling. Hitting back is for the strong, this movement should be there to protect the week. What's the advice, everyone please get strong and fix the problem by giving it right back? (We had someone who recently gave it back and died, lets not forget)

Till the idea of private, personal space gets firmly ingrained in our national psyche, (yes, the psyche of those who say that if you can hit back, that makes it more or less OK, too) the issue of street harassment is not going to be over. Wanna bet? Sorry if that would mean our street celebrations and great ads become bad events and examples - without recognising it and by not making allowances, you are not going anywhere.

I think I will have to repeat this when I am 80 years old.

technophobicgeek said...

But they do. And what is the excuse women tell us? Oh, smart women don't go out on that day anyway. And if someone throws water on you, come on, understand the sense of the occasion na.. don't be a sourpuss.

Nope...keep Holi out of this debate. It's quite gender-equal in the sense that nobody (men or women) get to stay dry if they leave their house. Yes, it is a festival for Chrissake, for 4 hours in a year. So chill.

a correspondent said...

technophobic geek,

Let us BRING Holi too into this. Festivals are no sacred cows. Sure it hits us when stuff that gave us so much fun when kids are brought in. My complaint is that they are never brought in, it hurts when you do.

Holi is not gender neutral. Water is thrown on everyone, but men do not get their nippples tweaked while gulaal is being applied. Nobody grabs their balls while cheering Holi Hain!

So LET. US. BRING. all the sacred cows in.

Indiafreak said...

Do you accept foreigners in the organisation? soon back in bangalore...