If you miss it, you’ve messed it. Your presence will matter.

Meet up in your city over a beer, chai or chewing gum, or marie biscuits, by the 15th of April.

Bangalore :

Sunday: 14th May. We are meeting at the Blank Noise studio. time 4 pm.
Pls contact Blank Noise at 98868 40612

Friday the 5th of May :Blank Noise Bangalore meets on Friday the 5th of May at 6 pm to plan a street intervention scheduled for the following Sunday. This event will also work with texts from the blogathon.

You are invited to attend and participate in this event. Your participation will strengthen the impact of what we want to say, and how we can say it.

Another part of the meeting will discuss and distribute campaign material for clothes project DID YOU ASK FOR IT .

Email: blurtblanknoise@gmail.com or phone me at 98868 4061

Tuesday, April 11th
Time: 6:30 pm
Venue: Malleswaram

Mumbai :

-Tuesday - April 25 - Mumbai Meet

We will meet next on Tuesday, April 25, at 7 pm at Prithvi Cafe in Juhu. For details, please email chininath@rediffmail.com

Venue: Carter Road - Opposite Cafe Coffee Day
Time: 6.30 pm

It's the first intervention in Mumbai. So please be there to participate, to observe, to get informed and to spread the word.

Any details needed? Mail me - chininath@rediffmail.com

-Mumbai Intervention - Saturday, April 22

Venue: Carter Road - Opposite Cafe Coffee Day
Time: 6.30 pm

It's the first intervention in Mumbai. So please be there to participate, to observe, to get informed and to spread the word.

Any details needed? Mail me - chininath@rediffmail.com

-Sunday the 9th of April.
Time: 5 pm
Venue: Bandra, 'Just Around the Corner'.


Saturday May 13th

Time: 5 30 pm

Venue: Connaught Place, Regal Cinema

please email blurtblanknoise@gmail.com, subject titled delhi meet to confirm your attendance.

Sunday 9th April
Time :5 pm
Venue: India Habitat Centre Amphitheatre

Chennai: Friday April 14th
Time: 7 pm
Venue: at the Woodland Cafe at Narda
Gana Sabha

Hyderabad: Tuesday 11 April

Time : 8:00 PM
Venue : Barista, Jubilee Hills


Individuals from various cities such as Chandigarh, Lucknow, Guwhati, Hyderabad, Chennai, Pune, Kolkata, Tokyo, Chicago, San Francisco , New York etc have written in and expressed that they would like to initiate it in their cities.

Cheers to Chennai and Hyderabad for the largest response! Looks like we already have an offline group! Likewise volunteers from different cities will be announcing the meet up on this post.

If you would like to initiate the project in your city and feel as though you don’t really have the ‘group’ to call for a meeting, all you need is yourself and 3 more people you think might want to work this out, a date, time and location, we will announce it for you! We would like the first meet up to happen by the 15th of April.

Some FAQS for the meet up:

Why are we meeting?

Because various individuals have mailed in saying that they would like to initiate the project and address eve teasing in their cities.,

Who are we meeting?

We are meeting other bloggers, individuals who have written to the Blank Noise Project and proposed to address eve teasing through their various skill sets.

What is the aim of the meeting?

  • For the individuals to meet.
  • To initiate dialogue about the issue in their context.
  • To brainstorm and propose locales for performance interventions.
  • To brainstorm and propose locales for the opinion polls.
  • To take responsibility of the clothes project, ‘did you ask for it’ in your city and collect clothes.
  • To come up with new ideas and strategies.

The meetings will be documented with photographs and sound or video. The meet ups will be reported on the Blank Noise Blog regularly. For any further questions email us with your subject as your city's name and we will get back to you shortly.


bharat said...

Wonderful to see the project take off in a big way in most of the cities. Why don't you ask the metblogs cities to link you guys up? Mumbai's got one going for sometime, chennai's is a fledgeling but very active one and bangalore too has jumped into the bandwagon.

Good luck guys!

Mridula said...

I am writing an off-topic comment here but I think small kids traveling in school bus without supervision are prime target for abuse. I wrote about it here.

Anonymous said...

im in the process of getting as many people as possible on 15th for this...hopefully something great might come up for Chandigarh!

great going! :D

Anonymous said...

Can i know who is the contact person for Bangalore?
I am not in town on 8th but definitely want to be a part of the campaign and make it to future meetings.

chinmayee said...

hi. thank you for all your comments. could you please write in to blurtblanknoise@gmail.com with your city name as the subject and we will reply at the soonest?
looking forward to your mails.

J said...


this is jasmeen. Im the bangalore contact
person. you can reach me at blurtblanknoise@gmail.com
or callme at 98868 40612

Debroop said...

I do wish to be a part of this project but I will be on the move for this month. Hope i contribute when I settle down at some place. But may I know the contact persons for Chennai and Calcutta?

Anonymous said...

I volunteered support to the project and got response from Jasmeen. Further correspondence was not responded.

Wondering wht to do next...

Lemme know.

J said...

hi abby

am terribly terribly apologetic for not being able to reply back

will do shortly

youre based in delhi right?

Hope you make it for the meeting

will mail


Kiruba Shankar said...

Jasmeen, who's the contact person for Chennai? And contact details please. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I had no clue there was to be a meeting in Hyd, the mails that i got mentioned meetings in other cities but not in Hyd. I dont check the blog regularly though.

Anonymous said...

I was not even aware of this disgusting "sport." It's sad, and I'd love to get involved in the project while I am here in Hyd for the next couple of months. I'll be checking back!

Anonymous said...

the saturday project..... i thought it was a briliant way in which you communicated your feelings out in the public..., way to go blogers

garikapati said...

Hi All,

I am uday and a Male from Hyd and works for a tech company. Can i help / participate in this project. If so how can i do that ? pl mail me uday.talk@gmail.com

Uday Garikapati

jaikrishna said...

Hi All,

As Kribha asked is there any contact person in chennai, who culd take things forward in this part of the country.

And anyway all the best for your forthcoming meeting too...

R Jai Krishna

Anonymous said...

hello people,
its gr8 2 see this kinda project and i like 2 be a part of this project. iam from hyderabad. so plz let me know about any activities in hyderabad. And by the way iam Santosh Chavali doin MBA. so plz lemme know by maillin me at "santoshchavali@gmail.com".

Anonymous said...

Hai friends,
Thanks for this project. and i like to be a part of this project.
i saw last saturday an article about this project.somuch excited.this is correct way to avoid fear in the hearts of innocent girls. from that day i think about this project. i learned how to chat and for this project only,and i told to every preson who met me in the chat they r also surprised and verymuch interested about this project. i have two experiences about teasing.
i should take a revange on all these persons its my life aim.could u please help me in this.my name is parameswari.from guntur.my id.s_sarigama@yahoo.com

J said...


you can get in touch with uday or ambrish

to get their contact please mail us at blurtblanknoise and we will give it to you right away.

thanks, and sorry to keep you waiting!