asking for 'what' ?

thank you Vignesh (from Dindugal) for sending us the link and also for directing us to more such film clips!

tamil to english translation coming up:
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and Ramyah Veer from the BN Chennai mailing list has sent this in

"The perpetrator apologises to the male actor for misbehaving with the actress.But the actor drags the culprit near the actress and makes him brush his hands against the actress's hands.The actor didn't stop with that.
I think it would be better if i explain the dialogue in direct voice.
The actor to the perpetrator:
"Are you satisfied with this or u want something else from her?Are u behind her skin,flesh?If this is all what you want, then go get it from a meat shop."
Now the actor takes a complete look at the actress(top to bottom) and starts his next set of dialogues
Between the actor and the actress:
Actor : I don't find any saree or innerskirt.You are just wearing a panty.
Actress: This is called 'shorts'.
Actor : For you girls it is 'shorts'.For us(men), it is a 'panty'...... Then I dont find any blouse or duppatta.You r just wearing a bra.
Actress:This is called 'Sleeveless'
Actor: For you girls it is 'Sleeveless'.For us, it is a 'bra'..... Wearing all these for letting enough air get into ur underarms or showing off the body piercing done on ur navel or a tattoo on ur thighs .... is this a product exhibition or body exhibition(i.e. show-off)?You girls wear dresses in a way that let others count the moles on ur body and then complain if a perpetrator touches ur body..... This has become a job for u all... Just know this. God created men for women and women for men...Main purpose is that a woman is for man's need and a man for woman's need.God has created all of us in huge but it is us who has to be disciplined.Disciplined in the sense being true to one person in ur life.If u feel that u want to live with only one man forever,then showoff to him alone.But if you showoff ur body to everyone,then every men will want/desire to live with you only.
(The crowd applauds the actor by making some comments)
Actor:If you dress like a traditional Indian woman wearing a saree with whole body covered up, then men will treat u more than a woman ... they will treat u like Godess Mahalakshmi....
The actor then ends the dialogue by asking her to leave in a contemptuous manner.
This is what the entire scene conveys .


send a garment you wore when you were sexually harassed on the street

I never ask for it.

I never ask for it.

I never ask for it.

I never ask for it.

I never ask for it.


r said...

O Keeper of mine modesty, I've been reformed.

Love the background score.

pink panther said...

there are more clips from this film on youtube which suggested ; as expected that the female actor falls in love with her 'hero'/ 'protector' and is seen in saris.

vignathkumar said...

thank u mam, for disaplayaing this sivakasai roug eve teasing dialougs.
the starting it self is a very big rougissume porukaiissum work forcely rubbing the eve teasing crime commetors hand in the hands of affected victum women this it self a voilence sexual abusement,
second one is leaving the eve teasing crime crime commetor free and scolding the women victom and her dress harsly and awfulley which will realy affect the self confidence of women and wound womenS mind.
the cinema hero did not speak about the velguar looks and behaviour of the male eve teasing crimenal.
the male hero ask the women victom to get into dress code jail compelsory sary and thupata. if not she will me raped or sexualy abused by many men it is the most direct and in direct meaning.
but this illogic nonsene dialoug consept is questioned.
the film stars wone wife use to wear jeans ,t shit and morden dresses is the advoice only for others.
after this film there is a film named sundai kooli in that the eve theasing dialoug teasing a women for not wearing thupata was questioned by few tamil feminest and aiwda.
the question started from a fem writer kutti reavathi.
this is a resent famous opposition in cinema dialougs.
next is leena manimagali issue ,she rejected the thupata in liola college when she was invioted for a function she was compuled to wear thuptha in college she gave back the thupatha boldly.
alla these happend after sivakasi only.
tamil women and their parents should have awerness about eve teasing dialougs in tamil medais.
which is realy oppose to self confidence of their child and should be awer of male domniation supportive psychartist articles which is also oppose to self confidence of their women child.
the parents should know this dress code jail conviction for women is punishing the victum for hiding and saving the crimenal.

vignathkumar said...

the second nonsence consept in this dialoug is
how come when tamil men uses and exposes his body and mind to dance ,act , modeling,wear morden dress body exposive out fit all are said to be art and convinence.
when women start doing these with her body how come meda says as obsinety.
the sivakasi eve teasing dialougs are out of bosting up male domination voilence and oppose women equality and democrasy.

vignathkumar said...

in this hero is not a protector .
he it self an voilence sexual abusment commetor and eve teasing crimenal by rubbing eve teasing crimenal hands on women victomens hand voilently,
the dialoug spoken by the hero is all anti women democratic eve teasing dialougs.

J said...

hi viganth kumar. thank you for sharing this ! please direct us to more such examples from films you have seen.

yes the part where he takes her arm and his and rubs them- what exactly is the dialogue at that point?

Ramya said...

"Are you satisfied with this or u want something else from her?Are u behind her skin,flesh?If this is all what you want, then go get it from a meat shop."

This is the dialogue said when the actor brushed the hands of the two.

vignathkumar said...

some more clips i recomand from other movies which contains eve teasing dialougs whioch is oppose to women democratic rigths and equal right which blames and scolds women victum.
naan avana illai is the movie name{the court scene whit malavica}
yaaradi nee mahani is the movie name{danush compel i the heroin in very harsh manner to love him. blame and scold her for rejecting his proposel}
sandai koli is the moviename{ the herin is teasd badly wor not wearing thuppatha} in this the dialoug was questioned and contempted by few feminest writers and by aiwda also.
the question was brougth up first by kutti reavathi a fem writer.
all these things happend after the sivakasi realise only so u can wirk boldly in citizes like chennai.
the eve teasing awernes creators should be alble to expalin eve teasing is a unilateral crime and afected women is the victom.

vignathkumar said...

u also creat awerness about few local male domenation voilnec supportive psychartist articles which is oppose to women self confidence, and democratic rigths. i request u to make ur chennai blank noise wing more effectviley by doing it in tamil include tamil feminest women alsio if possible.