Build the list below and create your own evidence :

  1. Name:
  2. Age at time of experience:
  3. time:
  4. clothes worn at the time of incident:
  5. type of harassment/ 'teasing'/ violence:

e: post mail us the garment you wore when you experienced sexual harassment. say out loud . I NEVER ASK FOR IT. BELIEVE.
Be an Action Hero.

e:blurtblanknoise at gmail dot com


naksha said...

20 yrs
time: everyday
clothes worn at time of harassment:casual clothing one would wear everyday at home...kurtas ,jeans & a T-shirt.
type of harassment: the" oh you are back! lets check out what you are wearing today" look i got from the watchman of the next building

manjari said...

1. Manjari
2. 12 years
3. school pt uniform
4. fingered between the legs on the road.

Amrutha said...

Name:Amrutha Bushan
Age(when the incident took place):14
Time:3:30 pm
Type of clothing:half pants.
Harassment:walking down the street with a crowd,with hardly any space to move comfortably..a man's index finger tried to feel up my groin.

chitra said...

Age: 15
Dress: chudidhaar and chunni...all loose fitting and I used to walk with a mild hunch so my breasts would not show!

Three guys on a motorbike simply took away my chunni while passing by me, on a public road, and swayed it in th air screaming and laughing at me before finally throwing it at a distance ahead. It was very embarrassing to go and get it back. I carried stones and pebbles in my pocket for many days after that incident to handle the speeding biker creeps.

maya said...

1. maya
2. 29 years
3. 7 pm
4. jeans. shirt. duppata
5. i was walking fast and i usually look around while walking. 2 guys outside a shop saw me and burst into a song. i looked back at them disapprovingly and they only seemed to enjoy it. i thought of walking upto them and asking them why they needed to sing for me but then i didnt. i just didnt want to deal with stupid macho gang behaviour. i just looked at them and continued to walk. they seemed conservative- i imagined that they dont allow the women in their house to step out. there was a license in their behaviour- i hated it. i wasnt scared, nor very angry- i just dont know why they think they can.

Sushmita said...

1. Sushmita
2. 24 years
3. 3:00PM
4. Salwaar Kameez and dupatta(tailor-made,not loose or tight)and a leather bag. I too walk in a hunch like chitra said.. Wore sindoor in my middle parting of hair(as I am married)
5. There is a straight road from my house to the bus stop(no detour). There is this group of guys wearing netted t-shirts (aged 17-30).I saw them staring me, I looked downwards avoiding eye-contact.A guy from them started following me. I didn't even notice when he started loudly, "excuse me madam ,excuse me I love you". It was stupid and I paid no heed. Unfortunately I missed my bus and had to wait another 20mins. I needed to buy some stationeries so thought about utilising the time(and also to avoid the ruffian in the security of the crowded shop). To my surprise he followed me to the shop and stood very close. I was really nervous and irked at why the crowd isn't saying anything. They all looked elsewhere. The guy followed me from shop to shop saying the same dialogues. He said something else too in his native language that I didn't understand.Finally I accosted him and pointed at my sindoor saying "don't you see I'm married". He said "so what.." and continued with his "I love you madam". I was suddenly mortified and extremely humiliated with his reaction.. He went on with the nonsense until my office bus came and I ran to it.

Async said...

1. Aradhana
2. 25 years
3. 7.30 p.m.
4. T-shirt and track-pants
At the dance class i joined to learn salsa, the instructor ran his hand from my waist to my buttocks while demonstrating a step. In another incident in the same class, one of the boy students tried to feel my crotch while dancing with me.

Deboleena said...

1. Deboleena
2. 15
3. around 4pm
4. T-shirt and jeans (and a denim jacket). And I slouch too - not that I think that makes it okay for people who don't to be molested.
5. My sister (18, at the time) and I were going to our swimming classes when we spotted a bunch of loud guys up ahead. I considered running across to the other side of the road for a minute. But then thought I was over-reacting. The guys came and surrounded me. My sister, thankfully, managed to slip out. I got stuck in their circle. They were speaking in Kannada, which I did not understand and touching me. One even pulled my cheek. I screamed out an "Assholes!" at them and ran. Remember feeling revolted at myself afterwards.

J said...

Thanks mer-curial madam, Async, Sushmita, Maya, Naksha, Chitra, A.Bushan, Saraswathi. Can we at BN ask you to send the garment you were wearing? and also take a photo of it and email it to us?
you can also take this forward by volunteering to collect clothes from your friends..