your attention please:

  • report here if you experienced it. tell us how you dealt with it. would you deal with it any differently today?how did you become an action hero in your own eyes.

  • report here if you witnessed it. tell us what made you help someone. tell us if you didn't come forward to help and why.

  • report here if you're male/ man/ boy/ guy and thinking about the issue of street sexual harassment.

about "blank noise guy" : street sexual harassment is as much a male issue as it is one concerning women because it is influenced by male behaviour, attitude and expression.
With this thought we announce "Blank Noise Guy" : inviting males to share their experiences on being in public.

Thoughts on the body, boundaries, behaviours
[flirting, 'teasing' , 'harassing',' intimidating', 'having fun', 'just looking'?]

It could range from the fear of being seen as a perpetrator; how you
approached a female stranger (if you ever did); being attracted to a stranger and what you did or witnessing harassment and introspecting on your response. Welcome.


Anonymous said...


Here's some charmer with a blog on how to more effectively harass women, in Dubai. Thought you might find it germane.


vignathkumar said...

mam u pleas creat awerness about eve teasing dialougs in tamil cinema and tv serials which says dress is the reason for eve teasing which is oppose to womendemocrasy and equality.
and some localmale domination supportive psychartist doctors articles are blameing on women victum and dress. u creat awerness about this also.

r said...

Anon---I went to that blog and read a couple of posts just to see if the guy is serious. I figured he was because he's got this I'm not a rapist I'm just a molestor vibe going.
Now I have to cleanse my computer.