2 out of 1000

Over the years we have figured that there are over 1000 ways in which you could build Blank Noise. For now, we propose 2.
Every Sunday, 2 projects will be shared at Blank Noise.
Blank Noise This Place and Blank Noise Action Heroes.

Both spaces are slowly building up with your participation. Thank you!

For those of you who are new to this:
Blank Noise This Place: We ask you to go to the place where you experienced street sexaul harassment'- photograph it and send it to us. Along with the photo send in an account of what exactly occurred and where.

We will upload all photographs at

All photos will be tagged on a world map. 
Let's Blank Noise This Place!

Blank Noise Action Heroes: is a separate blog, an offshoot of Blank Noise. This place collects and builds stories of resistance. We ask you to share your strategy. How did you deal with street harassment? How did you fight or respond to it?

All Action Hero testimonials sent in by you will be uploaded at

Who takes responsibility for uploads etc?
Every city has a 2 week rotating set of 'lead volunteers' who make this happen. They send emails, put in that 'extra' bit to ensure participation. Last few weeks have had Dana Roy , Sunayana Roy from Kolkata, Suparna Kudesia from Delhi, Amrutha Bhushan from Bangalore, Nabila Zaidi from Lucknow. We encourage Blank Noise members from each city to sign up as lead volunteers towards both online events. Hope to hear from you soon!

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